[Release] Esx_Ocean Salvage Job

Hello Everyone i have decided to make a Ocean Salvage job where you go point to point around all the wrecks in the ocean. Now keep in mind this is a modified version of the pool job so it will look familiar , You need Esx_diving to be able to go underwater without dying of no air (Obviously) There are 31 locations ranging from the open ocean to tunnels in the Humanlabs

Esx_Ocean Salvage https://github.com/OFFICERBROWN23/Esx_Ocean-Salvage

Esx_diving made by tracid56 (https://github.com/tracid56/esx_diving)

Screenshots - https://gyazo.com/982961ddebd22260dccfe9b8e79b1bc1

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dU2dvzWFBFw&t=7s

If you have any questions please let me know


Can you use the forums’ uploading feature.

Thanks for the release , but can you give me the esx_pool_job too please

Sorry never really works for me XD idk what im doing wrong

Brown, i get an error when using this scriptscavanger

I updated the script if you get the error through logs its just a common thing look past it

There were files missing in the 1st one, thats why i got the errors

No worry’s its updated now

Thank you so much Chickenstrip

With me no points are displayed to change or what else so no blips why?

same here no blips to see or enter

Did you go to the docks in Paleto should be a Black Submarine Icon, Job location is at the end of the docks, If you added to your sql correctly

Start the Job with the starter vehicle (Dinghy) with f10

Check your SQL file :slight_smile:

Config.nameJob = “salvage” <<CFG

INSERT INTO jobs (name, label) VALUES
(‘Ocean’, ‘Salvage’); <<SQL

I uploaded it as it was, what do I have to change it to make it work?

Im having the same issues, I added sql into database, and added script to the server and started it, but nothing is at the job point, and i do not have a marker on my map

You can do one of two things. I would suggest changing the SQL information to correctly match the config information. I posted the information above your comment for the script creator.

Either change the config or the .sql file.

I even teleported to the places and I can not do anything

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