[Release] [ESX & Non-ESX] LegacyFuel system


Hey InZldiUZ,

Yes I am using ESX but My es_extended is well before esx_legacyfuel… es_extended Is one of the first things to start the fuel script is one of the last things to load.

If you have any other ideas or would like to take a look at what happens in game private message me and Id be happy to show you!



mine worked fine.


Try to install it all over again without making any canges to it.


I have, I downloaded it from the Orignal github and it still throws errors?



Hmm, that’s strange. There is most likely something wrong with your esx setup in that case. I’d suggest
trying to download the latest version of es_extended and check if that works


Hi, i have a one question and i’m a newbie im scripting. I have a this modification and es_extended and fuel in cars is not saving. I have a mod vehicleshop, eden_garage and after restart and disconnect fuel is not saving, ofc in private cars.


it only saves the fuel for the session when u restart the session and pull the car out it sets random fuel number


I read threw this and no body as answered the question.

Jerry cans dont seem to give the car any gas at all. The scripter stated if you have one it will work fine, he just has not added the ability to purchase them. How does we fix if it does not work. I get the callout for G but when I press he does the animation then stops but no fuel was added.


There is also vRP advanced fuel that comes with it where you have to pay for gas


Hello, my server loves this script! But is there a way to make the vehicles use fuel on idol? It is a little un realistic that I can run radar for like 40 min and will still be at the same gas level. Thanks!


How do I add filling for airplanes and watercraft?


I’ve been using this script for great success! Really well done.

I have a question: Is there a way to add a new fuel station that allows to players to refuel for free? And, if using ESX, a way for only specific players to use that station? (I know someone asked this question, but I could not find the answer.)


So the 0 fuel when takeing a vehicle out has surfaced again with the esx version. I installed the non esx version and it is working now, but gas is now free.


Hi, i have a question.

I want change using fuel - not by RPM, a only based on kilometers traveled?


For me it did not open the server, does it need an extra mod?


I was able to get Jerry cans to work in mine by selling the WEAPON_PETROLCAN


I have already tried that. It starts the animation, but stops right away and does not fuel the vehicle.


You need to get a few jerry cans to get it to work. I’ll screenshot how it should look after I get off work



Is there a table we are missing for the fuel level? Its not saving fuel levels when the vehicle is spawned with /pv


Can someone please explain what exactly needs editing to get aircraft to work with this script? I played with the petrol/oil levels in the handling but it still won’t count down to 0 fuel.

I know how to modify handling and stream the handling files to the server. I don’t need a full tutorial just a quick explanation, or even a screenshot will suffice.