[Release] [ESX & Non-ESX] LegacyFuel system


Getting an error saying “you currently don’t have enough money on you to buy fuel with”


Hello is there a way to speed up the time it takes to fuel a vehicle?



I downloaded your fix and i still have overlapping.overlapping


is there a way to refuel boats and helicopters and planes??


I also am looking into this. Only the lone invisible fuel pump at Higgin’s helitours seems to be able to fill up helicopters. I am trying to see if spawning more prop stations will allow more gas stations to show up on the map.

On my client, lots of gas pumps, the type at Harmony, Grapeseed, and Higgins are invisible to me, I cannot see or use them. :confused:

If anyone knows a fix, it would be greatly appreciated. <3


How can i blacklist à vehicle ?



I’ve seen this part but how to get the model code ? for example i wan’t to blacklist electrics vehicles i have the modelname: neon or cyclone but not the model code


Nice script, i really like it and so does my server it enhances rp further other than honking the horn to refuel, However is there any chance you can get this to work with vRP so people have to pay for fuel.



Somebody can help with that? it just happen when the person leave the car, they can press G to fuel the car but the message is so wird.


How to set the start fuel? When someone buy a car it will be 50 fuel for exaple?



				integer = math.random(300, 500)
				fuel 	= integer / 10

				table.insert(Vehicles, {plate = plate, fuel = fuel})

				TriggerServerEvent('LegacyFuel:UpdateServerFuelTable', plate, fuel)

			SetVehicleFuelLevel(vehicle, fuel)


in integer = math.random(300, 500) you change to integer = math.random(500, 700)


Thanks :wink:


How does it works for boats?


so the script itself finds props that are gas pumps. Find or make a ymap where gas pump is stationed where a boat can reach it.


is there a way that i can make it so LEOs in esx can get free gas?


what line to change to remove the background of the text?


How can I disable all air craft from this? I know there is a blacklist, but what would I put in the black list to disable all aircraft at once?


Any idea why jerrycan filling is not working?
I’m not able to use jerrycan normally to spill the fuel on the ground as well … When I’m trying to use jerry can, it just drops it on the ground.
How to fix that?