[Release][ESX & Non-ESX] Holster Weapon

Hello guys. I saw that people loved my last release so i decided to release another one i made long time ago.

It’s a weapon holster with timer, You see an animation and it takes time to draw.
It will prevent a lot of FailRP’S.
If you choose ESX in the config you can make the police draw faster / slower than everyone else.


UPDATE 19/6/2019: Added animation for gangsters. Thank’s for @Campinchris
If someone really want to fix it he can do a pull request for it. I don’t have time to maintain it.

Here is the download: Click Me!
Please don’t change the resource name.
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So it says ESX + None ESX but there is only 1 download dose the same version work on both esx and non esx? just want to know

Also can you add some images?

You can edit it in the config.
I don’t have on me an image. Only tomorrow

Ahh okay i’m going to test it out thanks for the fast reply and your upload

NP. Can you send me some images after you testing?

Is there any chance you would be able to attempt to get this feature working the EUP?

Nice man! Def. adding this!

You can try

I don’t know why the code looks familiar as fuck, have you based your script onto PTTRadio one or it’s clearly unique?

Yes it is. I based the holster thing one it.
You remind me i need to give credit. I made it a long time ago so i forgot it.

Mmmkay, good release tho. well done :slight_smile:

It’s not working

In the config theres a list of weapons that only them are working. You can add more weapons if you wish to.

im using the normal player not any ped or npc skin and it’s not working, there is the default pistol but it’s not working

Do you have VRP? Or ESX?
And any errors on restart on client(F8)?

im using ESX

There’s a bug. Just restart it and it would work

The server or the game?

The script.
Using the command:
restart esx_guy293_holsterweapon

I’ll try for sure, but is there a way to avoid this “restart” and i actually didn’t get the real feature of the code, it’s like an animation added to the moment that u get your pistol out right?