[Release][ESX] New Reworked Bank Robbery System

Hi, finaly i decided make a release from my complete reworked robbery bank system under GNU V3 license.

You have all you need to know at the read.me file in my github repository:

Here is the video i published when i was development it:

Important Note: If you try to cancel animation to go out and cant stop it, that is a normal functionallity from the resource it is made to avoid anti-roleplay users to cancel the animation and continue robbery, they can cancel it pressigng E other time or finishing the robbery.

The resource is completly sync with all players, feel free to contribute improvements to the repo.

If you decide use / modify or publish it in other site it, give credits at least, thx.


Known issues:

  • After hacking fail, the server get laggy, Solution: [Release][ESX] New Reworked Bank Robbery System

  • The door from principal bank is open, Solution: [Release][ESX] New Reworked Bank Robbery System

  • Some doors not open completly: The script turn the door 70 degrees regarding to his initial position,-so, try found the line to change how many degrees have to turn (Cant do it right now, im busy), or wait until i add a config option to select how many degrees have to turn de door.

Have a nice day

can you add like the esx tag? [ESX] because i didnt know til i clicked on it

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Done, thx for the advise

Just a heads up I think uh donation links aren’t allowed and they’ll ask you to remove them :slight_smile:

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Oops, other silly ToS part? Well when they said to me I will remove if necessary (yeah I’m not accord with that but FiveM is not my “business”)

Just read the ToS, and remove your link before someone actually ask you to do it (or do it for you)

The script doesnt work for me it says Could not find deppendency esx_blowtorch for resource esx_knatusrobberybank

Well then go get the dependency witch is the blowtorch. There is a link for it somewhere in his post…

just remove the dependancies and use blowpipe from esx_mechanic if you want or create your own item

Yea he renamed it to hes name and blowtorch explains why it didnt work, btw the door is open for me and i have esx_doorlock, it should be freezed right?

Just something I’ve noticed was even after completing the robbery, I cant stop the weld animation. I’m gonna take a peak and see what I see but even hitting E again does nothing

gate is open for me as well have esx doorlock and have had that door locked previously

Just something I’ve noticed was even after completing the robbery, I cant stop the weld animation. and gate is open for me as well have esx doorlock

Very Nice men, good work

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Hello there are a few problems:

  • after an animation attack, you can not stop at all
  • the door is still open
  • when you call after the robbery 2 once the door is closed for the person who was doing the robbery and for the other open and you can not see each other
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That’s because you are probably using a doorlock script and this script just rotates the door even when it’s locked. You could edit this script yourself to trigger server events from esx_doorlock like such:

TriggerServerEvent(‘esx_doorlock:updateState’, DoorIDNumber, state(false/true))

An example for triggering a locked prison gate to open would be:

TriggerServerEvent('esx_doorlock:updateState', 17, false)

The door only will still open for all until the robbery is canceled or finished, take that in a count, read the important note too.

I think I didn’t rename the dependencies name, at resource.lua file, rename esx_blowtorch to esx_knatusblowtorch

But after the end of the attack, I was stuck in the animation with the burner and the door was also open only after re-inclusion, everything was repaired

can you give me the blowtorch animation please?