[Release][ESX/NativeUI] KRZ-PersonalMenu

krz_personalmenu is a PersonalMenu for FiveM developed on top of ESX and NativeUILua-Reloaded

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  • Inventory UI
  • Wallet UI
  • Clothes UI
  • Accessory UI
  • Animation UI
  • Loadouts UI
  • Vehicle UI
  • Job Boss UI
  • Job 2 Boss UI
  • Billing UI
  • Admin UI
  • Voice System Included (With the OneSync fix)
  • All of the function of nb_menuperso reworked (credits to nlmarcio)
  • Changeable Header (Just need to change the commonmenu.ytd file in OpenIV)
  • EMOTE in UI
  • Coloured Title


This order also applies in the startup order.


Why is the post in English but the screenshot isn’t lol

Cuz im too lazy to translate the resource

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do you intend to update?

yes i updated like 10 minutes ago

for admin only?

Only the admin menu is admin only

VRP Dunko groups Admin?

Might want to remove the discord link. The powers that be will be removing it anyway. It’s against community policies to post it in a release.

Removed, thanks for reporting. For more info see Releases Rules and F.A.Q (advertisting)

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Okay thx menu updated new languages soon !

Hello everyone.

The Administration menu does not appear to me, does anyone know what it can be? I’m Superadmin.

Solved with the latest update.


hello, I would like to know if there is any way to put weight on the inventory, since for the script to be perfect it would lack the weight in the inventory and add a function where vehicle control to open the trunk with weight also.

with love I hope it can be added or if someone can help me to add it would be perfect, thanks for the amazing script.

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Great menu
(even if it don’t support admin menu for me i don’t know why)

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Is there a way to move the menu to the right of the screen rather left case?

can u help me menu dont work idk why @Korioz

Not included right now in future update maybe.

In what file i can move the menu?

@Korioz how do i disable the other menus? so that only yours is active?

if you’re talking about nb_menuperso, just cut it off