[Release] [ESX] loffe_robbery

A GTA based shop robbery, if there are any bugs please PM me on the forums!

  • Language - add your own language
  • Shops - add shops easily
  • Current languages: Swedish & English
  • Shopkeeper ped

  • Synced - two people can’t rob the store at the same time
  • Store reset - shopkeeper will be revived and the store can be robbed again (timer for each store)

  • ESX server with policejob etc
  • Might make a version with no requirements in the future.

  • To install the resource, download it from github and extract it to your resources folder then add start loffe_robbery to your server.cfg
  • To start a shop robbery, simply aim at the shopkeeper. Shooting makes it go faster.

I haven’t had much time to test this with other players, but I think everything works well between players



Looking good.
On the video you are shooting to rob, do player need to shoot to get the loading bar… Well… Loading?

Anyway very nice release here!

No, aiming makes it go faster, shooting makes it go even faster. To start just aim at the shopkeeper.


what’s the chance of a non ESX version ? xD. But no, looks really cool man


Well, it shouldn’t be too hard since I try to use as little ESX as possible, I can try to make one without any framework!

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Would love that x

Oooh! Even better than what I was thinking!
Saying it again, very nice release here!


Awesome Release!

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it doesn’t work for me, the click option does not appear and the progress bar does not appear

Maybe for other people it will work

Did you restart your server?

Yes of course every time I put a new script I usually restart

I don’t know why it doesn’t work for me anymore


Awesome release, so clean.
I love it!

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That must be it because it doesn’t work

When two people steal at the same time the npc generates two bags with money

Thank you for releasing this! :+1:t2: Love it!

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Can you try updating your server artifacts and see if it helps?


Wait, can two people rob a store at the same time? Or do you mean when two people walk over the bag at the same time?

When two people steal the same store at the same time, the npc makes the animation twice and creates two props of the bag

That’s weird, 2 guys shouldn’t be able to rob at the same time… I’ll look into it!

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Ok, it would also be nice if you can configure the total theft time in config.lua