[Release] [ESX] loffe_carthief



Script that allows you to steal a car. Once you steal a car, you need to play on the server for x amount of hours until you can steal one again.




  • You can now change how many cops are required to be online to start the mission in config.lua

  • You can now add more dropoff points and spawning locations for vehicles in the config.lua


Nice Realese :slight_smile:


The car is always in the same location?


Cool concept so far!
Would be good to see other spawning locations and drop off points. And maybe the option to make it so there has to be a police officer on!


Maybe add something more to it to separate it from the other car thief jobs out there as well.


Thank you!
Will be adding that in the future :slight_smile:


Really Nice Realease, thanks for you time you made this script and share!


hello how to remove the loss of GPS?


Loss of GPS?


yes my GPS is in item after each mission must redeem


Remove the code where the gps is removed, probably esx_gps or something that doesn’t work with this script


Cool concept, however, when I press E on the circle, it disappears then reappears a second later and nothing happens. I notice it doesn’t work at all if you’re a cop but I like that feature.


Sweet release :smiley:
Could You make it compatible with gcphone?


I don’t know how gcphone works, so you have to do that yourself. Sry


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