[Release] [ESX] Lenzh_Chopshop

Hi yall this is my first resource for you guys
i’ve been searching for a chopshop that gives items instead of instant cash but never could find it so i made my own.

Change Logs

Check how many doors the vehicle has and remove the doors that are there

cleaner code and added a check to see if you inventory is full


Added support for esx_inventoryhud follow the README.md for installation

Fixed some bugs
removed global cooldown and made it client side
added Minimal req cops


Fixed Menu
Changed  Progress time loading from pNotify to ProgressBars
Changed the way  we do the loading time so notification total time is no longer needed.
Every door has now a progressbar. 
Every doortime has their own name so left door will state FrontLeftDoor  for easier editing ect...
Exiting marker will not reward you vehicle parts.  This is either by walking or driving out. 
Notification will tell you to get back in the marker. 
Notification will tell you  that you did not receive any reward if left marker and the progress bar verified if allowed to delete vehicle.
A loading bar will verify if the vehicle can be deleted or not  depending on the situation.
any door removed before you left the marker to cancel will not be replaced. 


Fixed some bugs and changed Notification


Added DoorOpenTime to config. 
Added DoorBrokenTime to config.
Added NotificationTotalTime to config. This is the total from DoorOpenTime + DoorBrokenTime  so the notification stay on until done.
Renamed few thing
Added Locales FR
Added More description in Configs File.


- PD gets notified when a player is chopping a vehicle
- Added Cooldown on chopping vehicles.
- Added NPC at shop location with config to disable it and change coordination.
- Vehicle now gets door removed after opening them. Raised time per door to 5000ms  so 5 sec. 
- Added the ability to hide blips in config.
- Reworked the way of the chopping. So removed from key control and added his own function So ChopVehicle.
- Renamed old ChopVehicle to DeleteVehicle

29-4 again :smiley: 
-- https://forum.fivem.net/t/release-esx-lenzh-chopshop/458261/39?u=lenzh_fx

- Stanleys marker is now fixed thanks to @XxFri3ndlyxX 
- Added Door animations and freezes the car

Known bugs

Future plans

  • Owned vehicle blacklist

Feel free to edit the resource but always give me credits

Video preview

Download link


Great release mate :slight_smile:

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Very nice release. Does this support Vrp :joy::joy:

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no sorry its ESX

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Just a suggestion you should perhaps make a function that if vehicle is owned it gets deleted from the db


never though about that one. Good one

Bit of SQL editing for you :joy:

Was working on something like that THX dude amazing job! Tell me if you want a French locale!

feel free to make a pr for it

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Its not actually doing anything when I “chop” the vehicle. It just stops working after.

did u import the SQL?

cuz i just tested it and its giving me the item

Yes I Did.

no errors?

No errors. It appears everything is working fine until I actually try to use the script


Working great!

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@Lenzh_FX I made a pr fixing the marker and the sell menu not showing up and the radius was way too small. Works fine now.
EDIT: The npc is not included. This npc is from a private script and it is not mine so i cannot share. Sorry.


Hi, how did you change the menu HUD in this way? It’s cool.

Does it include npc? Or just bigger radius in the update.