[Release] esx-kr-bag-inventory - A bag inventory script synced with the server


Ty :slight_smile:


hey this look nice and also did you look at the problem i was having above ?


I’ve one with animation already, don’t waste your time.


Are you running my latest verison?


yes i have re-instill 3 times


my version is finished :smiley:
maybe we are using the same animations :smiley:



  • animations while in the bag
  • animation while seaching in the bag
  • you can store money and blackmoney in the bag (max amount can be set in the config)
  • if you take out a weapon you will equip it to your character (more like roleplay)
  • the issues with the duplications should be fixed now

if you update the script you have to alter your database with:

ALTER TABLE `owned_bag_inventory` ADD `type` VARCHAR(20) NOT NULL AFTER `count`;

esx-kr-bag-inventory.rar (7.1 KB)

feel free to give feedback and send us bugs :slight_smile:

*its not my script. just edited it a bit. original by @KRILLE


If you want and know that the version is working just fine, you could make a PR.


let us use the community to find bugs and then i will do a PR with the fixed version


what change you made…?


i´ve added this to the database to know what kind of item it is in the bag.
item = all items and weapons
cash = cash :wink:
blackmoney = blackmoney


where is the download pls ? :slight_smile:


ups :smiley:
i know something was missing :smiley:

*added the downloadlink ^^


Hi I have a SQL problem


[ERROR] [MySQL] An error happens on MySQL for query "INSERT INTO owned_bag_inven tory (id, label, item, count, type) VALUES (@id, @label, @item, @count, @type) { @count=3;@type=item;@label=Bread;@id=80872;@item=bread}": Unknown column 'type' i n 'field list'

Thanks in any case for sharing


Accidently replied to wrong person:

Heady said you need to alter SQL for his version


I have a problem here


Duplicate of the field ‘bag’ for the key ‘PRIMARY’

INSERT INTO “items” (“name”, “label”, “limit”) VALUES
(“bag”, “Bag”, 1)

I replace " by ` to see them here :slight_smile:


i prefer not.
i would like only items and weapon to be place into the bag.

i suggest you put in config
money = true
blackmoney = true

In my server we use the bag to prevent from loosing stuff when we die.
This way they can still loose money and blackmoney and stuff that was not in bag.

Love the option and work you guys do…
but for rp server its better if we can choose in config.
Cheers guys.
and as Krille said with respect.
Make a pr in is github… Its Krille Release.
This way no one will be desoriented.


i have this problem link
and is giving to duplicate the weapon link


U are using the latest Version?


I’m using the version you made available.