[Release] esx-kr-bag-inventory - A bag inventory script synced with the server


Hey man! Have you tried Config.MaxItemCount?


It’s not supposed, oterwise you could easily expolit the feature.


Are you possitive? Are you using Headys or the latest?


Headys one… Search the bag (N) doesnt work.
Seems to be disable… i have to look… but doesnt work ingame.

Have a good day my dude


guys my F6 menu is working fine.
in policejob, ambulancejob, mecanojob and in every job on my server too.

there is no part of the code which work with anything from the police. so maybe your menu is broken without the bag ^^


Try the regluar download…


Using the latest


Is not possible to add a black money or money in your bag !
How can I do to put my dirty or clean money in the bags since during the selection it does not propose it to me!



Want to be sure…
if i drop my bag… i cant search it…
if anyone else drop is bag… can i search it?


If you drop your bag you can search it and you can grab it. If anyone else drop bag, you can search it and you can grab it as long as you don’t have a bag on you already


I used your script, very good by the way.
There is no possibility to define the amount of items that you want to transfer to the backpack so it only transfers the total amount that you have of the item in the inventory and if the amount u reaches the defined limit of items you do not have to put this item even wanting it to be amount.


everything work but not the search part…
no reaction when press N.

Never Mind… was my fault.

I edited the Key and text for [N] to something else line 375… didnt notice that there was another line to change too… Line 356!

Everything is Under Control! Sorry for false alert!

Again this ressource is incredible!


My database Can t load Sql to put bag in the shop


any fix for this yet http://prntscr.com/muu5ox


can you show us server/main.lua line 27 and the lines arround?!

*my script is edited so the lines ar not the same like yours ^^



ESX.RegisterServerCallback('esx-kr-bag:getBag', function(source, cb)
    local src = source
    local identifier = ESX.GetPlayerFromId(src).identifier

        MySQL.Async.fetchAll('SELECT * FROM owned_bags WHERE identifier = @identifier ',{["@identifier"] = identifier}, function(bag)

            if bag[1] ~= nil then
                MySQL.Async.fetchAll('SELECT * FROM owned_bag_inventory WHERE id = @id ',{["@id"] = bag[1].id}, function(inventory)
                cb({bag = bag, inventory = inventory, itemcount = itemcount})


btw its not a limit to items inside the bag , its just make limit when you put inside your bag , max item, but if you put 10 or 100x , its infinite , can you help ?


here a small preview from the a new version :slight_smile:

and put in money and black money will work in the new version too :slight_smile:


will release when? :joy: :heart_eyes:


Maybe tomorrow :wink: