[Release] esx-kr-bag-inventory - A bag inventory script synced with the server


Do you have the lastest version?


yes downloaded 30 mins ago


Honestly i can’t really understand your formulation, sorry


Pretty much what you just said.
My identifier vanished off the database after we tried to switch the bag to another player and back to me.


I’m having this same problem


idk how to code it but what it need to do is if the player already owns a bag they cannot buy another even if they no longer own the bag in the inventory this should help with people buy more then one bag so it will not bug out.

this is the error in the console that is given so every time a player joins the server the server.lua is trying to import the player steam id again and again that why i or we are getting this http://prntscr.com/mspw00

i hope that clear up what im trying to say
so one players buy more then one bag after they drop the bad they had
2nd making it so that it is not trying to import the player steam is into the SQL every time they join

other then that this is amazon and thanking you for posting this will help out a lot


Does it have the feature to set a specific amount or quanity of items which are in? E.g I put drugs in it, now i can put as many as i want. Can i somehow set it max 1000 for example?


yes i have ^^
but i need the permission of the author to post it


idem :frowning:


I’ve made a modification. I can’t test it now, let me know if it works out! (Check the config for more info)


Same with you^^


I’ve send a pull request in github


What pr? I’ve done some changes anyway.


So when I log out, restart my server and log back in again and press F5 to access the bag inventory nothing happens, any ideas?


What verision are you running?


but why when I throw a bag on the ground and another player takes it doubles?


bro, the bag disappears after a while, it is the same as a fishing rod emote


What do you mean by what version am I running? If you mean your script then the latest…


Nice :smiley:


This is my edited version.
I add the languagesystem to edit the “hints” in the locales/*.lua
and now you can edit how much items you can put in from the same.
defaultsetting is 75 pieces of an item and you can select how much pieces of this item you want to put in or take out.

*just for the feedback to the right person… its not my script. i just edited it :slight_smile:

(updated version with dup-fix)
esx-kr-bag-inventory.rar (6.0 KB)