[Release] esx-kr-bag-inventory - A bag inventory script synced with the server


Can you give me some examples? Did you restart the script midgame?


ye. once again can put weight limit on the bag? because I’m getting more than 1000kg easy


I think a similar system as the inventory could work**


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that what was i mean, he only need to add something like limitcount per each item.

Example, max item in bag 5 and then can set the quantity of that items.


I am testing your script atm.
As soon as a different player than yourself takes YOUR bag, a ghostly bag stays on the floor. I made a vid to show you :slight_smile:


Yes it’s that or it will not disapear at all


Or areyou refeering to it not disappearingat all?


Oh, it will disappaear if i am far enough from it.
But for the time me being near the bag it will sit on the ground and stay there.


I do not use multi selection characther system :roll_eyes:


Try latest version.


can i make the F5 menu open with the nb_menuperso


Change the buttom on the end of the script


actually i’ve tried but didn’t work


row 361
if IsControlJustReleased(0, Keys[‘F5’]) and HasBag and not IsPedInAnyVehicle(GetPlayerPed(-1), true) and not IsEntityInAir(PlayerPedId()) then

Change F5 to whatever you want.


yes i know but with what i should replace it
to make it work
i’ve tried using this

AddEventHandler(‘NB:openMenuInventaire’, function()


so when a player drop a bag then go try to buy another it will bug out the player http://prntscr.com/mspw00


Weird cause it shouldn’t at all, let me investigate this.


Could you be a bit more specific


@KRILLE To solve this have you tried to remove it server side???
That way once its picked up its triggered serverside so that everyone sees it removed instead of just client side.


ok so when i drop the bag then i could not pick the bag back up so i went and got another then it was working again but when i relog to keep testing my player dose not load in anymore so i went and deleted the 2nd bag and it started working again


How do you mean? Trigger a event to all players to remove the bag? It whould be weird since non of the players either the one dropping or picking it up can see it gone. Only if you use NetoworkFadeOutEntity. Personly i think it SHOULD be deleted but for some reason it won’t. I think it has to do something on whos the owner of the entity.