[Release] esx-kr-bag-inventory - A bag inventory script synced with the server


I’ve removed that part, i don’t even use it. But i think the problem might be from your multi selection characther system? Do you have a multi selection characther system?


Hi I would like to know how to put a place limit in the bag for not that players put items to infinity ? @KRILLE


Hey man, if you donwload my latest version you’ll have a config there you can change limts. Make sure to resintall the sql


You forgot a exploit in the codes, it’s fixed now.


Ah nice but I mean the limit of items in quantity exemple: max 50 in a bag? (50 water bottle) @KRILLE
You would do it?


You could take all the items and multiply it with the count


I did not understand ?


Like for i=1, #items, 1 do
allcounts = items[i].item * count

if allcounts <= 100 then

kinda not exaclty obsly


When you drop the bag it sets your identifier to null and that will throw errors when trying to remove items when the bag is on the ground. And duping of items needs to be fixed also

But nice job. Good to see some releases like this coming out


Okay fine and I have to put that or to make it work?


I can see that now. Try the new one


Really sorry but I do not understand what must be done to make it work properly to have a limit of items not have a limit of the different item number?


How can i put limit in kg for the items which are into the bag like trunk script?


Hello Super Script, I have an idea if you can: That we can add money in the bag it would rp


Yes that could be possible


Are u gonna add like a limit to items?


There is one. In the config


I think he mean the quantity of each item.
Example; stack only 10 stones (maximum).

I do not know if you added it


some suitcases are not fading from the floor


I see, i could do that. But then i’d be kina hard since everyone is using different items etc. Then they’d have to do stuff on their which everyone can’t do.