[Release] esx-kr-bag-inventory - A bag inventory script synced with the server


Hi, if put a blackmoney in bag, i have an error


and the lines above? ^^


thx… i change it too… and now everything is fine


In Edition ill get back soon


It would have to do for when player die with the bag she lose the bag
this happening player dies more continues with the purse and items …


What do you do if you dont want to carry the bag in your RP? I mean you cannot put it in the trunk of your car right? it did not give me option for the esx vehicle inventory, also if you drop it somewhere when you do a server reboot its gone and ppl have to buy it again…

is there anyway we can store the bag when we dont want to carry it? thats the only issue to far… also maybe if we deposit say bread in the bag it puts all the bread in there and when taking it out it takes it all out? BTW I love this and I know its new… only giving my feed back!

Thanks! :slight_smile:


@Heady20006 Is there anyway to make it so it doesn’t change your clothes to your saved when you pick up a bag? I use EUP for cop clothes, but if we pick a bag up, it changes us back to our default saved


The EUP UI does’nt use skin changer to set your clothes, this script does. So when you put on a bag it loads your last saved skin, before EUP put the cop uniform on.
I think you have 2 options;
1 - Edit the script to put the bag on using SetPedComponentVariarion
2 - Edit your esx_policejob to utilize the EUP uniforms. To do this you would have to figure where each of your uniform peices are in the skinchanger menu and edit the policejob config file accordingly


Im assuming your first method would be the easiest? Seems like a single line change?


Where would I change the script to use this?


Can you send it to me please?


cant use the bag…
just throw and return
no “use” menu
can u help me with this ?


Do you have check that the script is started


ohh sory, my bad wrong name in server.cfg
how about change the skin… the problem is i have EUP on my server… and the bag is change with police bag


So some issues I found that are exploitable. While you can only deposit the “max config” of an item at a time you can stack that item infiintiely. I.E. I have my max set to 50. I can deposit 50 at a time infiinite times.

With weapons you can duplicate. A work around may be only to allow one of a kind of a weapon . I.E. only one pistol , one combat pistol. I deposited two pistols and was able to pull out more than two.


when someone is already in server and i connect
i got that error :slight_smile:

Error resuming coroutine: @esx_useitem/client/bag_inventory_cl.lua:338: attempt to perform arithmetic on a nil value (field 'z')

any idea ?


Has the duping or glitching functions been fixed yet for this ?


Jager bomb check line 338 in states where the error is.


Any idea why i can´t translate to en??


Does anyone know how to use this props?