[Release] esx-kr-bag-inventory - A bag inventory script synced with the server


No problem, next version, tomorrow, will get this feature :wink:

And if someone is new at this thread and dont want to read the whole conversation…
@KRILLE is the developer of this script. It is his script and his beautiful idea, and i add some more “specials” to this project to help him… And help the whole community :slight_smile:
because “WE (ALL) ARE FIVEM” :slight_smile:


Hey thank’s for this update !
I have a probleme … Look this :



  • Now you can disable the option to put money in the bag
  • searchanimation will be automaticly canceled if the bag is empty

esx-kr-bag-inventory.rar (7.3 KB)

*not my script its just an edited version of the original script by @KRILLE


and the weapons are still giving to duplicate?


not really.
dont know how. i add a weapon and there is just one weapon in the bag.


the case the ammunition is doubling!


yeah i got the same problem. but thats because some weapons are using the same ammunition.

like the Pistol and the APPistol.

if you get a Pistol with 100 and a APPistol with 50 both weapons have 150 ammunition.
but you just can shot 150.
one shot with the Pistol and both weapons have 149 shots)


Hi I just downloaded last version Heady20006 and got problem
when i store item water and my friend will store in his bag water then everytime i add more water to my bag he will get water too
does anyone have same problem ? can help me fix it ?


so what you are saying is when one player place an item in a bad it goes to all bags in the server and when someone else adds a item then it will also add it to your bag ?

So its like all the bags are linked together ?


2 players have bags with same items
i got water and he got it water
then one of us will add more water to bag and it will give to other too


have you also uploaded the new sql?


it hapens when players got same items in bags


yes i have new sql with type


i have changed line 185 server.lua to
MySQL.Async.execute(‘UPDATE owned_bag_inventory SET count = @count WHERE item = @item AND id = @id’, {[’@id’] = id, [’@item’] = item, [’@count’] = count})

and it now add item only for me
if someone had same problem try this


I would say you both got the same bag-id. Normal it is randomized between 1 and 10000.
You should try to empty your bag, restore it in your inventory and start new


Hello, problem with black money.:confused:
i dont know how to resolve.

		if bag ~= nil then
			itemcounter = bag.bag[1].itemcount
			if itemcounter > 0 then
				table.insert(elements, {label = _U('bag_drop'), value = 'drop'})
				table.insert(elements, {label = _U('bag_drop'), value = 'drop'})
				table.insert(elements, {label = _U('bag_restore'), value = 'restore'})

nothing in bag… and cant restore the bag… option restore doesnt appear in menu.


plz tell my what value has “itemcounter” in the database. In owned_bag. Has is -1 oder -2 or less?!


says 1…
but no item in it

i have 3 bag… all 3 are empty… 2 on floor somewhere… one on me… (equipped)

i have awnser myself… as testing version to version i think i got to many bag id… i erased duplicate entry in databe and buy another one… things are back to normal…
False Alert!


our bag id’s was not same