[Release] esx-kr-advanced-shops - Next generation shop script (Robbery included) (NUI)


Hi, just change :

‘default’, GetCurrentResourceName(), ‘putitem’,
title = ‘Shop’,
align = ‘left’,
elements = elements


‘default’, GetCurrentResourceName(), ‘putitem’,
title = ‘Shop’,
align = ‘top-left’,
elements = elements

in client/main.lua line 581


css not responsive coder error


Thanks, but I left the with at 1280. I don’t like the look of it with the scroll bar.


Thanks, but I don’t believe this is the menu I was talking about



change the width under wrapper in css


it looks small on other screens



edit ur css :

#wrapper {
display: none;
height: 600px;
width: 80%;
position: relative;
top: 540px;
overflow-y: auto;
background-color: #181818;
left: 160px;
transform: translate(0, -50%)


I would like to add the ammunation in as a shop to only sell guns. Is this possible and how would I go about it?


not sure yet im still looking into it


OK, let me know what you find, if you would.


will do man



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ok so i cant seem to find anything relating to it but what i did what givemyself for instance bandages x500 then added them into the shop via the shop menu u own


Hi ! Kind of a question, when i click “Boss Actions”, nothing appears and my mouse is locked in free mode !

Can someone help ?

Thanks :wink:


I know you can add items in the script, but I need to find out how to add addition shops into it.


what i do is when im in my shop i go into bosses actions then i select put item for sale then it shows my personal inventory then i select for instance bread then it will ask how much do u want to store so i type 500 for instance then it will ask for a price u put the price then it will remove 500 items of bread from ur inventory and it will then be available for people to buy


We have a problem. Say, I buy in 10 breads. I put them in for sale. When I buy 5 bread, i pay and leave the menus. When I open the menus again, it still says that there is 10 bread for sale, when it should update and change it to 5.


Don’t rename the script.