[Release] esx-kr-advanced-shops - Next generation shop script (Robbery included) (NUI)


pls fix responsive 1366x768


Just change the css by yourself.

  1. The majority of people is using 1080p, and it’s not c++ xd

  2. Weird because it shouldn’t. Must be something in your server causing it.


If you have a screen that runs 720p how can you even have a good enough computer to play gta?


hey KRILLE Loving the script man but the the only issue i have is the boss menu nui is too far on the right can u advise where i would go to to change it so its not so big and not too far on the right ?


If thats the case then all your esx menu defaut menus is to far to the right, i suggest you change that menu.


im using a custom esx default menu


Then that might be the problem


ok il revert it to default and try again il update you if that fixes the issue


Yeah, also you could change where it’s located at.


This is a 5 stars release my dude.
cant wait to test that out.
pretty look awesome.
Thanks for work.and release.


Ok so the owner of the server doesnt have a issue like i do hes running 1920 x 1080 resolution unfortunatly i cant run that resolution cause i have a 19 inch screen any recomendations on how to make the nui smaller so its not so big ?


I think switching to vw could solve the problem if i’m not misstaking.


vw ? do u mean the default menu ?



under relative lenghts


what do i do there ive never done stuff like that before


How can I move the inventory menu in my shop? It is too far to the right. I use 1600x900 resolution.


i can share the change i did if it will help u bud


That would be great. I managed to change the width, but not sure how high it needs to be.


so what i did was in the esx-kr-advanced-shops/html/style.css
in the #wrapper your see
display: none;
and so on this is what i changed the height from 900px; to 500px;
and the width from 1600px; to 500px;
hopefully that should help ya man let me now if that helps