[Release] esx-kr-advanced-shops - Next generation shop script (Robbery included) (NUI)


Happy Birthday


When i click ENTER to buy a shop, the screen frezze. I can only use the mouse but nothing is happening. I don’t renamed the name, and doing all things in instruction.

sorry for my English.


Make sure the file is called esx-kr-advanced-shops


When I buy the item to resell it it does not come to me, I can not afford to resell it


I think I understood why, you set a time for the item to appear for sale?


i tried esx-kr-advanced-shops and esx-kr-advanced-shops-master, nothing working


Did you follow the instruktion? Remove esx_shops and the table “shops” in the database before installing the new sql file?


yes i have


Have you made translation or edits?


Thats wierd too, because 1 day before it release i started this project but without html, only lua.I wish I had your knowledge about js. :slightly_frowning_face: Happy Birthday btw. :smile:


Bug: 897, in the client side. You put Od instead of Id


break the vault stopped at 100%


Great release but vault only damaged explosive… this is really bad for roleplay servers.

Need bullet damage


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i’m have this problem: leaving the mark on the floor the inventory continues to appear LINK
and is also creating two blips LINKThis mistake is also appearing to me LINK


No, just installed like the instruction


Weird, do you have other food scripts?


I’ve found some bugs. I will make a fork with the buggfixes and some improvements later today.

Add me on Discord so we can speak more and help eachother out! :slight_smile:


Does anyone know how to resolve this error?



1- HTML / C++ Codding not supporting all screens. (just 1920.1080)

lol what a code

2- Vaults only damage with explosive (sticky bomb)

Need fix…

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Its more than simple to fix the resolution to your liking. Not sure you would go post this saying its not a good script now because you have no idea how to fix something you would like changed to suit your needs.

More like lol at your post tbh

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