[Release] esx-kr-advanced-shops - Next generation shop script (Robbery included) (NUI)


And read all the todo and installation process?


I’m redoing the whole process.


I removed shop into the db , commented #esx_shops later, I read your sql and" the put item for sale "does not work for me


Is it only put item for sale that doesn’t work?


@KRILLE i check your couple of scripts you made all looking great. But this this one i never see before. Well done dude happy birthday

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only this does not work


Thanks man!


beautiful script I did everything with sql it goes perfect one thing when I open my shop and I close html the mouse arrow remains and it stops so as never? :slight_smile:

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This is so wierd… Me and my friends were talking about this a week ago. Have you been spying on us?


I certenly have not. :smiley:


Nice release!

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Well have you renamed the script?



after clicking on “put item for sale” the boss menu does not appear


yes name esx_shops sql put without errors but when I do html and clikko in the upper right corner it stops and the menu does not appear


Have you done right in the config?


yep =(


And by the way, happy birthday, have a beautiful day.


really nice men and cheers with your birthday men