[Release] [ESX] Jobs Online


Send me the client script


This is just like esx_jobCounter… it add aplayer in service even tough the player is not in service…
You should update your script to work with the new esx_service


Doesn’t work for me. I get:

Error loading script server.lua in resource esx_jobsonline: server.lua: attempt to index a nil value (global ‘ESX’)
stack traceback: server.lua:15: in main chunk
Failed to load script server.lua.
Started resource esx_jobsonline

And before you ask, yes i have started esx_jobsonline AFTER essentialmode, mysql, etc.


how would i add fire and other services please


Send me the line you have problem with


You are using esx?? If not you cant use it


Send me the line you have error with


Iam yes …


TriggerEvent(‘esx:getSharedObject’, function(obj) ESX = obj end)

– Register server callback for jobs online
ESX.RegisterServerCallback(‘guy293_getJobsOnline’, function(source, cb)

It seems to break on either of those 2, if i take one out it will just break on the other with the same error.


I don’t have a problem with the script… just saying that this is the same thing as : https://github.com/ESX-PUBLIC/esx_jobCounter

and it count the player online with the job insted of player being in service


I have a fix. I will send later


It is, completely copied and posted after editing to write in letters instead of numbers.


I don’t know what your talking about…


can u give me the link?


I don’t remember the name tho. If I will find it I will send it.


thx u men loool 20 char


I have problem when i start this script it will show those jobs for like < 20 seconds and then it disapears from the screen?


Send error on server & client