[RELEASE] esx_jb_trailer



oh no worries i was just saying lol you have a good idea keep up good work bro


Yeah i know :slight_smile: Just telling you so you don’t waste your time. hehe. Thanks! Should be done in the next few days.


Having a issue where I can’t put the Predator boat or any custom boats on the boat trailer (Not sure what’s wrong with it) I can put like the dinghy on though.


You need to add them to the list in config file. Next version i will have a option to disable or enable ability to tow vehicle if not on the list. But it will not look good. It kills the immersion when i see a car or boat towed and floats instead of properly been seated.


I actually attempted to add the boat to the config but it still wouldn’t attach for some reason


You need the proper hash for it to work. predator hash is


You could use this resource Hash Grabber To find a hash you have hard time finding.


I do have the proper hash in it, that’s the weird thing


here you got complete list of existing hashes


Yup this is a very good list. Thank you! Looks like i still have a lot of cars to do lol. So yeahhh i said few days but more like a week now. As i do few bunch here then get bored then do other stuff then do few bunch more. Ill get there. :smiley:


Any idea why the predator boat (with proper hash) won’t attach to the boat trailer?


do a showcase, so we can undersand you problem better :slight_smile:


https://streamable.com/dqmpb Here you go, showing how the predator boat just won’t work while the dinghy did


i think i maybe know why, becasue i do get closest vehicle and it doesn’t trigger police vehicles i think


Any way to fix that?



That would require you to make necessary edit to make it work.


Thanks :slight_smile: I added a pull on the GitHub that fixes the issue :slight_smile:


Nice :smiley: I would of done it but im so busy with the trailer hehe. Glad to know you worked on it to make it work :smiley: I never realised that gta has so many cars. 600 cars . That is a lot


It’s fine :slight_smile: and Ikr, we tried to add all the GTA cars to our ingame car dealer and we realized that then lol but thanks :slight_smile:


Well i thought i did had it all but when Jager_bom gave me the list i was like Wow i only have half XD


the code will work if you look at it, because it uses raycast, but if you do look somewhere else, it will take another car, it’ a semi fix if you know and certainly your players know what to do

thats why i wouldn’t recomment to use raycast with players…