[RELEASE] esx_jb_trailer



you’re welcome, like you see some vehicles are not shown that good but yea, nothing is perfect. if you want every vehicle to be perfect you will have to do like i did for boats.

i won’t do it because too much work for precision work, irather concentrate to make new scripts :stuck_out_tongue:


new update, you can easily put cars if they don’t position well, i did an example for adder car

thiw website can help you finding out the hashes
hash list

HELP others! so if you modified some vehicles share your code so we can make a configlist for all vehicles !


Hey :slight_smile:
So do I understand that right that you can play a trailer like for a movie when a player joins? And If it’s right can I only play it for players that joined first time? Thanks in advance! LG


? don’t understand


Uff okay I missunderstood it sorry xD


This is awesome!, but how can I find hashes for add=on vehicles?


In the addon dlc.rpf


when you updated this you broke the portion for the TR2 trailer it just flashes the marker for about 1 sec then the sript breaks the boat and small trailer markers stay soild until E is pressed then the script breaks again


and there is a major resource time warning. in all honesty this script is awesome but i wish you would update it so its stable.

(UPDATE) I have fixed the time warning and i have fixed all the bugs.


I ll retry but i had no issues maybe making a vid To visualise it so i can fix :wink:


Wtf are you saying got ressource time warning and not fixing his stuff… .
I do not have any ressource time warning ( no one told me About it and i do fix my stuff) you could spare those comment.
If you got any fix why not make a pull request?


no need to make a video i already explained exactly what its doing in detail none of the trailers work with the large trailer it breaks just going near the marker and the other two the marker just disappears instead of loading/unloading the vehicle and another note why in the world is all the text in french 90% of us speak and read english


Why in french ? Because i have french server and i have put it on m’y server for more then 4 months without and major issue. Translating the script is a part that you can do


well i ONLY speak and read english not any other
so maybe the creater can make an english version since i have no clue what that says


my excuses, it is true that no translators exsist…

for your issue i did test it again, no ressource time warning (script isn’t even consuming alot)

and markers are displaying well


How can I edit the global position of all vehicles? so all vehicles attached to the trailer gets attached lower without adding the hash


That’s not how an open source community works. Either share your code or don’t at all. Private releases are not allowed on the forum


I think he never shared something, so he doesn’t know the meaning of it …


In config fine like i did as an exemple… .?


would love to be able to use this for add-on cars… but unsure how to get the hash of those. is it possible to make it so we can use the spawn names?