[RELEASE] esx_jb_trailer



Hello everyont, today I am going to release my car (small an big) and boat trailer. you can attach any vehicle / boat to it. simply put it behind the trailer. go into the red circle and put it into your trailer.

place trailersmall into your ressource folder (it is a replacement to have the car trailer)

start trailersmall
start esx_jb_trailer

Have fun!



screenshot 1

screenshot 2

screenshot 3

new config file, easy to determine which vehicles to position better on trailers

here is a hashlist that canhelp you:
hash list for vehicles


hello and where can you get those trailers would you have to put a spawn of already towed vehicle?


well for car trailer you got the replacement files, otherwise all trailers are ingame trailers

/car trailersmall
/car tr2
/car boattrailer

(those are the names of the trailer if i remember, or look it up on a website)
make them so you can but them at carshop or somwhere else for players to buy them…


Thanks m8 good work you did a good job




your work is great, only sometimes bugea and lose the boat or car http://prntscr.com/m9aocq


Weird i ll look into it :wink:



So again, why is this an esx resource?

UPDATE: By the way you forgot to add a __resource.lua file to the trailersmall. I’ve also tried loading a vehicle on a trailer but it didn’t and the script broke.


thanks for your comment, there was a ressource lua but ressource file didn’t upload… idk why, i just added it manually.

why esx why esx… because i have an esx server… edit the script like your likings


Uh, well I was asking why does it have to be an esx resource? I enjoy esx but isn’t this simple enough to not be an esx resource?


bizare i have it on my server for more then 4 months noone said anything not working, will look into it :slight_smile:


Alright, thanks.


umm did I break something or?


It is normal. You got pancake car si yea it is a bit in the air but i did put it high for 4x4 otherwise they would be in the gtound.
But To make it work for each car you should position each car differently. Too much work for me but you can do it if you want


normally it is fixed :slight_smile:


can you fix that for some cars ?


Take a look at how he has the boats setup. He has them setup to place differently depending on the type of boat trying to be towed. You will need to go thru all your vehicles and setup them up individually to place correctly. I can confirm that it works.


Indeed, but alooooooot of work :joy:


I like your mod I already incorporated it in my server for the mecanojob
I can spawn the trailer and a pickup truck to go on a towing trip.