[Release-ESX Jail] Prisonwork, Anti Combat Log, Mugshot Photo



So i put a civ in jail and after having there picture taken, It teleported them to the mission row area and they could do whatever they wanted. It has been tested by multiple people and this just happened to him.


you have nice HUD menu customizacion… can you send it or ? .


Do you plan to make it compatible with the police menu?
I mean to include it there?
otherwise i would do it doring next week. Since a menu is always nicer then commands.

Also to search for the nearest player instead of entering the ID as command.


time is good as its
/jail ID jailTime(minutes) /jail 1 jailTime(60000) ?


/jail 69 420 – this would jail ID 64 for 420 mins


thank you in the top If I understood correctly

420 =5 minute
840 = 10 minute


it is possible to make an exit in the yard


I can do that right now.


Would be awesome :slight_smile:

Also thinking about an hospital system where you need to lay in a bed and then after the time you are healed and free :thinking:


no… 420 minutes. It was just to set an example


possible to add sheriff


Is there possible to make more than 1 arg for reason?


sorry i am french
I took the police job for the sheriff


it is possible to add another point

Config = {}
Config.Marker = {
Pos = {x = 444.66662597656, y = -974.96911621094, z = 29.789599990845},
Size = {x = 2.0, y = 2.0, z = 1.0},
Color = {r = 26, g = 55, b = 186},
Hint = ‘Appuyer ~INPUT_PICKUP~ pour ouvrir le casier judiciaire’,
Type = 27,


There is coming an update, i did an menu.


Update 1.1

  • Added police menu, you can jail closest player, and unjail anyone thats in jail.
  • Added new command /jailmenu, to open the menu.
  • Fixed an error server-side appearing random occations.




Seems like you cant call it from the police menu.

Always when i try to enter the prison as police the game crashes mostly :smiley:


I believe I followed all the instructions but I seems to be running into the following when I access the menu via the police job


You have the latest version ?


Yep that is correct , downloaded it again today like maybe a couple of hours and was testing it then that is what I was getting