[Release] esx_hunting - Hunt animals and sell meat



This is a script that makes you able to hunt, you hunt down animals and then you take your knife and retrieve their meat and leather, easy to change positions in client.lua.

If you find any bug feel free to comment down below.
If you wanna give feedback on improvements feel free to comment down below.






like the idea. wonder if there is a way to add a hunting license to this?


Would be an easy addon, do an pull request, because i don’t have time rn.


Amazing thing, i will test this out instantly man!


Bro im going to test on my server

Also i want to help giving you feedback, translation to BR and PT EN if you need to.


What it lack’s tho is someway to secure against abuse, the current script allows the following.

Just getting the weapons then just not doing the hunt, then you got 2 free weapons.

The next one start the hunting job and disconnect.

It’s something that everyone need to be aware of.

Solutions, adding a check when a person last harvested a deer, if its more then 4-5 min, it will remove the weapon (Make sure the weapon is only used for hunting and is not sold on the server)

The same goes for the other thing, you do a check on connect or when playerdata is loaded, check there inventory, and if they got the specific weapon, it should remove it.

This is kinda the only solution to avoide abuse of this script.


If you have an server, you should have players that you can tell to not do that. If they do not listen to you they don’t need to play on the server i’ve used this on mine for 5 weeks, not even one person have used this to other stuff.


…but that’s just an excuse for not perfecting your script. Don’t take me wrong, big plus for you to come up with something like this, but Bzndk has a point there.

On our RP server, I want to support both legal and illegal side of gameplay equally. Meaning, I want to reward the player for out of box thinking, but also prepare them for punishment, if it’s in illegal manner.

Meaning, I don’t wanna call my server “illegal RP”, where your thinking abilities are restricted because of script’s imperfections and server’s extra rules and exceptions has to be made. That’s just extra work for admins to handle.

I am proud that I am able to be building RP, where I don’t need admins, since “basic” LEOs are capable to handle any of player’s actions.

But maybe that’s just me. Again, thank you for the resource, we all appreciate it!

Edit.: Easy money deposit for borrowing the gun would do the job. Or just buy a gun normally to be able to hunt… "heavy discovery"


Hi, I put this on my server, I loaded it up the way It says to, No errors pop up for it in my console, but when I go in game, I don’t see any markers for it.


Loads fine, no errors pop up, but the blips and locations do not work.


I’m having the same issue. No errors, no blips, no markers.

  • 1, no locations
    (20 chars)


works fine I would say tp to the cords in the client.lua to find where they are then make your blips from that/


I created a blip, but the icon does not appear in the map. How can I tell the players? There are hunting activities here.


I have a odd problem with this script I can start the hunt get my atv and get kill and collect the meat but then it comes to selling it I press “e” but nothing no errors or anything


I specifically opened this topic on his github and addressed the issue and he closed it with no reply. So this is basically dead in the water, unless the author fixes it of course.


I solved this on my server by removing the giveweapon function from the script and then selling the musket, knife as well as a license at the servers player owned gun shop. Works like a charm.


In my hunting system, it is not necessary to go to a market / blip to accept the work … You just have to go to the forest and look for the animals and kill them … I believe that this form is the safest …

You just have to make sure you have spaw animals


Could someone assist me in adding a blip for the Starting point and buy point?


Can anyone create blips/markes on the map please ? thanks