[Release][ESX] ESX_Phone iPhone X skin with template



I decided to modify the image of the esx_phone. I thought I’d post it here in case anyone wanted it. Just overwrite your current esx_phone folder. There is a template png in the html folder so you can choose your own background if you don’t like the one I am using. No code was modified.xphone.zip (130.2 KB) Updated because I realized I overwrote the file with the template. I’ve also created an android variant if you’d rather have that. a8phone.zip (143.0 KB)


How do I install it?


Download esx_phone, replace the file you download here done.


my server is VRP :frowning: dont go


This isn’t for VRP. It’s for ESX_RP…


:rotating_light: i reall like this im really exited to test this out cant wait bro


I have no idea what you did but there is no code in this package.