[Release][ESX] ESX_NoCarJack



Notice: Further development and support has stopped, if you have a problem, your best shot is to fork the resource, and work on your own, provided that you release your modified resource under the same license, and state the changes, just as the license requires.

First of all, huge thanks to Sighmir, for his vrp_nocarjack resource, second…

It’s finally here! esx_nocarjack, we can now finally enjoy of this great resource. I used it (and I think many people do actually also) in vRP for a while and was amazed on how this can improve the roleplay experience, I mean, people running around easily doing carjacks while being chased by the police, that killed the roleplay experience, but fear no more! the ESX community can now enjoy from NoCarJack.

Get It Here:

ESX NoCarJack - GitHub


  1. Extract the esx_nocarjack-master.zip under your resources/[esx] and then rename the folder to esx_nocarjack (without -master)…
  2. Go to your server.cfg add this line:
    start esx_nocarjack



There is a “chance” configuration for this resource, basically, the higher the change the better the probability a player has to easily carjack a car… The lower the chance, the lower the probabilities of him doing so…

  1. Go to your esx_nocarjack config folder… cfg\nocarjack.lua, then modify cfg.change = to fit your needs…
  2. Enjoy!



  • 1.0 (2/24/18): Initial Release


I cant wait to try this.


i tryt it and the people cant open his own cars xD


Thanks for sharing. I was working on a similar script, this gives me a nice jumpstart.


This already exists unfortunately. But still a great post :slight_smile:


Oh thank you for cross-referencing, I made esx_nocarjack because I really liked the vRP version, and I wanted to have it for ESX but I didn’t saw it available, still LockSystem works maybe the same, except the only new feature I see is that you need to have a key… but my point was to transform vrp_nocarjack into ESX so that the ESX community could enjoy of that resource as well.

Still, your comment is appreciated :smiley:


Yeah I can understand that in that sense :stuck_out_tongue:

Just a question though; Did you figure out how to not make ALL vehicles locked?
If not I would use the LockSystem as a base.



If you want to make exceptions, the only thing I can think of out of the wild, is to also use a white-list, since there is a black-list already, that way you could use the white-list to ignore cars and keep them unlocked without the NoCarJack system interfering…


Hmm… Interesting :smiley:

Well I wish you luck on this project!

:mascot: ~ Lance


Thank you for your good wishes :smiley: !


I think it will be trivial to make owned cars remain unlocked for their owners. I see you have a good start in the server code. I’ll push it to github if I get it working smoothly. I plan to do that and a few other options, like allowing drivers to lock cars, etc. I’ll see about incorporating a whitelist too, I have a use for that as well.


Pretty good stuff indeed! thanks for sharing and will be looking forward for all those things :smiley: :+1:


@0xNOP theirs a little issue with this…Which is when player takes out a vehicle from the COP GARAGE and u cant get back in the vehicle.
Hoping u would help me with an answer.
(its a great locking system cause the [Release] LockSystem V2.0.3 (Updated the 07/03 at 11pm) doesn’t work for me No clue why) @LanceGood


Yup, this is a known bug already… thanks for providing support, https://github.com/AxDSan/esx_nocarjack/issues/1

Will definitely try to fix this asap.


yeah cant wait for you to fix this, very annoying.


It’s open source. If something doesn’t work for you, you could always contribute and fix it :+1:


I just pushed a small hotfix which should take care of the bug for a while… I basically made a whitelist for jobs now, if someone is in a job category in the whitelist, it will allow him/her to unlock the car… I need someone to report back by checking if they can also open others players owned locked cars, if so, then this hotfix might need more checks for permissions or something, please report back to me if you find anything like that.



Other jobs like lumberjack must spawn work cars and they are locked :frowning: you working on full fix or should i fix it by myself? XD


if you have a solution share it here or open an issue at github, and I will check upon it, if else, you want to do it yourself and later commit a push as a contributor that can also be accepted, or if you want to fork and do your own thing, as long as you keep sharing under the same license you are also allowed to do that.


All right thank you for respond :slight_smile: