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Hello I’m trying to make it so only the weed blip shows on the map but I cant figure out how if someone could tell me how that would be great. Thanks


Someone can show me where is cocaine leaves located ingame?


Can I get some help here, I can farm all the drugs, but I cant manufacture any of them. I have way more in my inventory than I need yet I still cant process any drug.

Maye this has something to do with it. > when I farm, I can farm for infinite amount of time, it never tells me my inventory is full. Idk if that’s the way its supposed to be or if its supposed to cut me off.


try this
Config = {}
Config.MarkerType = 1
Config.DrawDistance = 100.0
Config.ZoneSize = {x = 5.0, y = 5.0, z = 3.0}
–Config.MarkerColor = {r = 100, g = 204, b = 100}
Config.RequiredCopsCoke = 0
Config.RequiredCopsMeth = 0
Config.RequiredCopsWeed = 0
Config.RequiredCopsOpium = 0
Config.Locale = ‘fr’

Config.Zones = {
CokeFarm = {x=2448.9228515625, y=-1836.8076171875, z=51.953701019287},
CokeTreatment = {x=-458.13967895508, y=-2278.6174316406, z=7.5158290863037},
CokeResell = {x=-1756.1984863281, y=427.31674194336, z=126.68292999268},
MethFarm = {x=1525.298828125, y=1710.0217285156, z=109.00956726074},
MethTreatment = {x=-1001.4151611328, y=4848.0087890625, z=274.00686645508},
MethResell = {x=-63.592178344727, y=-1224.0709228516, z=27.768648147583},
WeedFarm = {x=1609.125, y=6663.5942382813, z=20.961572647095},
WeedTreatment = {x=91.061386108398, y=3750.0380859375, z=39.77326965332},
WeedResell = {x=-54.249694824219, y=-1443.3666992188, z=31.068626403809},
OpiumFarm = {x=1972.784790039, y=3819.3999023438, z=33.428722381592},
OpiumTreatment = {x=971.86499023438,y=-2157.61328125, z=28.475107192994},
OpiumResell = {x=2331.0881347656,y=2570.2250976562,z=46.681819915772}

Config.Map = {
{name=“Kokain Toplama”, color=6, scale=0.8, id=403, x=2448.9228515625, y=-1836.8076171875, z=51.953701019287},
{name=“Kokain İşleme”, color=6, scale=0.8, id=403, x=-458.13967895508, y=-2278.6174316406, z=7.5158290863037},
{name=“Kokain Alıcısı”, color=6, scale=0.8, id=403, x=-1756.1984863281, y=427.31674194336, z=126.68292999268},
{name=“Meth Toplama”, color=6, scale=0.8, id=403, x=1525.298828125, y=1710.0217285156, z=109.00956726074},
{name=“Meth İşleme”, color=6, scale=0.8, id=403, x=-1001.4151611328, y=4848.0087890625, z=274.00686645508},
{name=“Meth Alıcısı”, color=6, scale=0.8, id=403, x=-63.592178344727, y=-1224.0709228516, z=27.768648147583},
{name=“Afyon Toplama”, color=6, scale=0.8, id=403, x=1972.784790039, y=3819.3999023438, z=33.428722381592},
{name=“Afyon İşleme”, color=6, scale=0.8, id=403, x=971.86499023438, y=-2157.61328125, z=28.475107192994},
{name=“Afyon Alıcısı”, color=6, scale=0.8, id=403, x=2331.0881347656, y=2570.2250976562, z=46.681819915772},
{name=“Esrar Toplama”, color=2, scale=0.8, id=140, x=1609.125, y=6663.5942382813, z=20.961572647095},
{name=“Esrar İşleme”, color=2, scale=0.8, id=140, x=91.061386108398, y=3750.0380859375, z=39.77326965332},
{name=“Esrar Alıcısı”, color=2, scale=0.8, id=140, x=-54.249694824219, y=-1443.3666992188, z=31.068626403809}

just change the names what you want (Esrar : Weed - Afyon : Opium - Meth : Meth - Kokain : Coke - Alıcı : Resell - İşleme : Treatment - Toplama : Farm )


Cannot press E on circles


can you send the map with the locations please ?


I’ve got the same problem as @Samuel-etto. only i don’t get a message about limit at all. I have in database limit of 50 and i’ve set it in the file as 50 (like this: ~= 50). But i dont get a limit. i can gather as much as i want.

What am i doing wrong?


I fixed my problem by setting the limit in the SQL database and leaving the files at ~=-1.


Is IT possibile to turniej on animation when I start collet drugs? Canon anyone help?


Hey! Im new in this forum and developing in fivem! I tried to collect and test esx_drugs script but it gives me this error
Error running system event handling function for resource esx_drugs: citizen:/scripting/lua/scheduler.lua:41: Failed to execute thread: server/esx_drugs_sv.lua:622: attempt to index a nil value
stack traceback:
server/esx_drugs_sv.lua:622: in upvalue ‘handler’
citizen:/scripting/lua/scheduler.lua:175: in function <citizen:/scripting/lua/scheduler.lua:174>
stack traceback:
[C]: in function ‘error’
citizen:/scripting/lua/scheduler.lua:41: in field ‘CreateThreadNow’
citizen:/scripting/lua/scheduler.lua:174: in function <citizen:/scripting/lua/scheduler.lua:138

I dont know how i can fix this, can you help?


Hey there! Does anyone know how I would go about making multiple drug locations for the same drug? Aka like 2 weed collection 2 weed processing locations? Just add them to the list like this?:

Update: So the script works but only the last 2 weed options work, the other 8 are completely ignored.

Any idea how I can get multiple of each appearing?