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Posted on behalf of @GiZz, the developer of ESX (ES Extended).


EssentialMode Base by @Kanersps: [Release] EssentialMode base
ES Extended (ESX) by @GiZz: https://github.com/FXServer-ESX/fxserver-es_extended
esx_policejob: https://github.com/FXServer-ESX/fxserver-esx_policejob


-Illegal job opportunities await!
-Marijuana/Coke/Meth/Opium as options to farm
-Gather -> Package/Process -> Sales!
-Blips are no available to keep it more along RP. Coordinates are located in the config files.
-Gives dirty money to purchase illegal goods with
-Police cannot see or interact with the drug zones
-Set the required amount of police online necessary to harvest/process/sell particular illegal drugs
-Multi-language support (en, fr, br)


  1. Change directory to resources/[esx]/
  2. Clone the Git repository: https://github.com/FXServer-ESX/fxserver-esx_drugs
  3. Import esx_drugs.sql into your MySQL database
  4. Add this to your server.cfg “start esx_drugs”

To get Opium working as of right now include the following block:

INSERT INTO items (name, label) VALUES
(‘opium’, ‘Opium’),
(‘opium_pooch’, ‘Pochon de opium’)

[Additional Information]
For any and all support please visit the ESX Discord: https://discord.gg/pVvDcPH as I do not provide support and have been away from quite some time.

There are more plugins available which you can view at https://github.com/FXServer-ESX.

Esx_drugs (need help)

Does this allow the selling of the drugs to NPCs walking down the street or just one particular person for each drug?


Are the drugs hidden i don’t see them in the map?


Yes drugs are hidden, the coords are in the config file. You can /tp to them and test them.

@matwal1 You can sell them to other civs or the drug dealer NPC.


I have the markers set up on the map if you need/want them.


Yes please that would be great


Question, with regards to selling drugs, has it been established if you can sell to npc’s while they are walking around town or is there a npc static that you go to to sell them??


It is a static location.



Please, i need help to resolve this error


Could you send them to me please the markers


Could this work on vRP? It seems like vRP is just broken all around.


If you could acutally read it requires their own custom Framework, ESX, along with Essentialmode Base. So use common sense


I’m not stupid, I simply asked if it would be useful at all for vRP. Not a horrible question.


I’ve personally not tested with vRP, sorry.


Could you send them to me please?


Does anyone know of which Essential mode version No Pixel is running?


could i have a copy too please


For anybody wanting blips on the map…
Inside of esx_drugs_cl.lua add this above
– Render markers

-- Create Blips
	for i=1, #Config.Map, 1 do
		local blip = AddBlipForCoord(Config.Map[i].x, Config.Map[i].y, Config.Map[i].z)
		SetBlipSprite (blip, Config.Map[i].id)
		SetBlipDisplay(blip, 4)
		SetBlipColour (blip, Config.Map[i].color)
		SetBlipScale  (blip, Config.Map[i].scale)
		SetBlipAsShortRange(blip, true)



Then add this in config.lua under zones

Config.Map = {
  {name="Coke Farm",       color=6, scale=0.8, id=403, x=2145.9228515625,  y=4778.8076171875,  z=40.253701019287},
  {name="Coke Treatment",  color=6, scale=0.8, id=403, x=-458.13967895508, y=-2278.6174316406, z=7.5158290863037},
  {name="Coke Sales",      color=6, scale=0.8, id=403, x=-1756.1984863281, y=427.31674194336,  z=126.68292999268},
  {name="Meth Farm",       color=6, scale=0.8, id=403, x=1390.298828125,   y=3605.0217285156,  z=38.00956726074},
  {name="Meth Treatment",  color=6, scale=0.8, id=403, x=-1147.4151611328, y=4940.0087890625,  z=221.00686645508},
  {name="Meth Sales",      color=6, scale=0.8, id=403, x=-63.592178344727, y=-1224.0709228516, z=27.768648147583},
  {name="Opium Farm",      color=6, scale=0.8, id=403, x=1541.784790039,   y=6335.3999023438,  z=23.028722381592},
  {name="Opium Treatment", color=6, scale=0.8, id=403, x=-7.26499023438,   y=519.51328125,     z=173.575107192994},
  {name="Opium Sales",     color=6, scale=0.8, id=403, x=2331.0881347656,  y=2570.2250976562,  z=46.681819915772},
  {name="Weed Farm",       color=2, scale=0.8, id=140, x=2217.125,         y=5577.5942382813,  z=52.961572647095},
  {name="Weed Treatment",  color=2, scale=0.8, id=140, x=29.061386108398,  y=3666.0380859375,  z=39.77326965332},
  {name="Weed Sales",      color=2, scale=0.8, id=140, x=-54.249694824219, y=-1443.3666992188, z=31.068626403809}

*Note: These are custom locations that I have changed. Make sure you change the x,y,z to match your locations.

ESX Drugs Location - Map

thanks man, really appreciated!


I was just doing this last night haha thanks for releasing this!