[release] [esx] Custom Scoreboard with jobs online

I need to download that fix. Where is it ?

Does anyone have this hood with the work with money and so forth, as in the screenshot below everything was on top!

I need help malta already put after es_estended & essencialmode remains the same !
helps me? Thank you!

Thanks for script. this script is very good for roleplay servers :slight_smile:

Hello someone know this scoreboard name?

Thx for help me.

Getting an issue where it cant find players online, Here is my error…


Cant seem to find out why the error is happening, I have it loaded at the end of server.cfg and disabled the standaard scoreboard.


Same result.
=> https://github.com/ESX-PUBLIC/esx_scoreboard/issues/13#issuecomment-457813585

I changed dashboard because the answer was zero

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Im still having the same issue, All works apart from im getting this error, Es_extended is up to date aswell… Any help would be appriciated :slight_smile:


I get this error in cmd and I can’t get it to work

es_extended: TriggerServerCallback => [esx_scoreboard:getConnectedPlayers] does not exist

same error here, any luck?

Hi! Could you pass me the link to the top hub shown in the screenshot? Thank you very much and congratulations for the resource I already have it active on the server and running 10/10.


Hi i’m using esx_mechanicjob (https://github.com/ESX-Org/esx_mechanicjob ) and when someone is mechanic does not appear in the scorboard. I’ve changed from all .lua from mek to mechanic to mach with the name job. of cource I tried to leave it as it was and again does not apear anithing.

scoreboard.rar (132.1 KB)

Love this idea, tried implementing it. Is it just a case of changing the html from with the >span< >0< to the symbols? I had a look for what you mentioned but couldn’t seem to get it. No doubt something I’m missing but appreciate and advice.

I believe that this is something to do with the scoreboard looking for ‘mechano’ instead of ‘mechanic’ had the same issue and just changed the names over and worked fine.

Not at home currently to know the exact file path but if I managed to find it it can’t be too hidden.

Hope this helps.

If anyone still needs to find that location of the file its in /esx_scoreboard/client/main.lua:96.
elseif v.job == 'mecano' then

I have changed the file but still seem to be getting an error with my resource :frowning:

It’s showing steam name over RP name for me.

Any ideas?

I have the scoreboard showing up but it’s not displaying any information (player names, players online, jobs online, etc.)

Hi, i am totally new to this… When I installed the scoreboard, it shows up when pressing F10 but doesn’t show any information… The console says: es_extended: TriggerServerCallback => [esx_scoreboard:getConnectedPlayers] does not exist