[release] [esx] Custom Scoreboard with jobs online



how to change key? (


Where did you find the config to change the keybind for the life of me i cant seem to find it


Go into \resources\[system]\scoreboard\scoreboard.lua

and look for local Keys = {["Z"]=20 near the top of the file.


Thanks dude managed to find out was right under my noise lol


That thing doesn’t work for me. It appears the scoreboard there but it doesn’t fetch the information of how many police,ems or whatsoever are online. It shows the online player ID and his nickname but it doesn’t update the number of total amount of players online (0/32) since all these numbers are input of plain text in the script instead of encrypted way to fetch this information from the actual database.

For the design - 9/10
For the script - 1/10


can some maybe make it to vRP as well


hey! so I did everything stadus said and I did put ` as the button you need to press to open the scoreboard. The thing is that it says that there are 0 people in the server and it doesn’t show how many Ems, police officers etc. are online. Can anyone help me?

I also get this message on the console: es_extended: TriggerServerCallback => [scoreboard:getScoreboard] does not exist



Jobs will not be updated when medics or police are online.
Players: 0/16 will not be updated
Can someone help me please ?
I am sorry for my english


Scoreboard doesn’t work. I did everything right 100% (spent few hours looking for mistakes).
It doesnt show players count or jobs.


Error from console:
“es_extended: TriggerServerCallback => [scoreboard:getScoreboard] does not exist”


Please you can post a link to download the scoreboard?


So i haven’t been using this one but i have been using the one edited by StockholmCityRP. It can be found here https://github.com/StockholmCityRP/Stadus_Scoreboard it has more options & should work straight out the box. However tho support will most likely not be a thing from StockholmCityRP but it is fine. If you can’t get theirs to work then you should stick with the default one or find a different one.


Can somebody helpe i try all things what you sad at other tickets
My problem is 0/32 but I am joined and The job counter doest work.


Put the start scoreboard in the bottom of your server.conf


I got same problem its also give error in server console : “es_extended: TriggerServerCallback => [scoreboard:getScoreboard] does not exist”


I had the same problem. Just download stadus scoreboard from Stockholm RP.


Make sure you put this scoreboard in the [system] folder & replace all files in the original scoreboard folder. Also @Pan_Uzasny it looks like your playing on a low res screen. Make sure your Aspect Ratio is set to 16:9 or 16:10 - Anything below 16:9 doesn’t fit right on the screen. Also please don’t bug StockholmCityRP if theirs doesn’t work. As they made theirs to fit for their server & not everyone else’s.



Does anyone know how to place that scoreboard on very top of the screen? I would be fine with how it is, but friend of mine plays on 3 monitors (ikr) and for him, it cropped in the middle, like if scoreboard would be centered (and wrongly on his setup).

Any advice will be appreciated! :slight_smile:


I need too fix pleases


Have fixed a bug regarding jobs not showing up.