[RELEASE] [ESX] [CODE SNIPPET] esx_menu_default .css replacement


Moved to my github


Thank you soo mutch. looks like it works. Won’t try tho but looks amazing!


+1 :sneezing_face:
Looks Amazing!!!


I take it this is responsive correct?


Good job!
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No, however, I have yet to find a line that extends past the side. If you find a need for it to be a bit wider, change it to what you need.

My stuff is made to what I need personally and then I share with everyone because I’m not a stingy bitch. That is why I supply things like an xml file with a ymap, so if it doesn’t work for you, you can change it.


How can i move Citizen Interaction to the right?


Thank you very nice job
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Neat release, good work.


find where it says “left” and change it


Was this the menu that we were using?


Yes, I put it up here after putting it in the server


Can’t find it on esx discord


It’s in the #code_snippets section


I just have 1 question Which is
can u tell me where I can change this look as the other one on bottom-right


You have to find the .css for it