[Release] ESX Binoculars

This is a script that just adds binoculars usable as an item on your server
It’s based on helicam from mraes and the binoculars that Cr4zZyBipBiip made for Cr4zZy City
Enjoy !

Do not hesitate to join my discord: https://discord.gg/yFuSEGj, and contact me directly for any bug or suggestions.


ES Extended : https://github.com/ESX-Org/es_extended

Github : https://github.com/ZAUB1/ESX-Binoculars

Enjoy !


how do i use them
Some screenshots would have been nice

It’s an item… it’s ESX based… F2 menu… plus you have to inject the sql provided into the database… items and shops.

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Added everything to my server inc both sqls, but when I go to buy them in the shop menu it does not give them to me or take my money?

i have added the item, i can buy the item, it shows in inventory, it even gives me the option to use, however, it does nothing.

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Hi, I got it working perfectly however the ‘UI’ keeps flashing/blinking. Any fixes?
Maybe just to give me a tunnel vision? Like Goggle eyes