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Database problem… just look for it, maybe something doesn’t save properly


hello i got a problem in setup a server with the esx and mysql async can get some help?


Update your FiveM artifacts.


i just downloaded a new server files and still get it


Then you’ve done it incorrectly. Non-existent native is cuased by out-of-date artifacts.


Anyone know why my ESX hud is not showing up? And when I load in game it doesn’t spawn me where I was last located or wearing.


Latest ESX github broke it for me. Go to releases and download 1.1.0:


Thank you. I will test this out.


That did not work. Could it be essential-mode?


Anything is possible but it’s not likely if you’re not getting any errors. Nothing in F8 or server terminal?



You’ve got a whole bunch of issues. I see errors for three resources and a db table and that’s not showing what’s outside of the screenshot area or on serverside.

I would suggest a fresh install starting with the basic resources and working your way up otherwise you’ll likely just be chasing errors.


My friend is the one who installed ESX. But thank you for the reply. EDIT: He said he did that three times already


well i have that problem after i use the onesync beta do u thinks u know how fix that error i get it after i join the server or any other guys image


if u using onesync change ur loops in rconlog_client.lua/rconlog_server.lua


How do I get the on body cash to show up, right now it is just bank cash and red cash please help.


use that https://github.com/kanersps/es_ui


Thank you so much.


Hey, So I installed every dependency and it works actually good, but I got no Money and Job Hud. In my start.bat is everything working. If you could help me with that it would be great :slight_smile: if you need some parts of config or something else write back. thanks for help at least! :slight_smile:


edit config in es extended custom hud to true
i thjnks its custom hud its something with hud make that true reset ur cache and also install that script https://github.com/kanersps/es_ui for show money