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same for me does someone know how to fix?



I somehow can’T figure out how to open bills table from another ESX menu… Could someone help me on this, please :confused: ?

        local drivingPed = GetPedInVehicleSeat(playerVeh, -1)
        if drivingPed == playerPed then

  if data.current.value == 'bills' then

  if data.current.value == 'check' then
        TriggerServerEvent('jsfour-legitimation:open', GetPlayerServerId(PlayerId()), GetPlayerServerId(PlayerId()))


When I do es_admin2 /car blista I get this https://gyazo.com/14f9b425bfc8413a096fd32d70e1e542.
can anyone help me?


Are you sure that’s the screenshot you meant to share?


I edited… I f*** up xD


Fresh install with all up to date scripts. Weashops breaks when I press E in blip, please help

Line 66 | table.insert(elements, {
Line 67 |    label  = ('%s - <span style="color: green;">%s</span>'):format(item.label, ESX.Math.GroupDigits(_U('shop_menu_item', item.price))),
Line 68 | weaponName = item.item


I’m searching for an design of this.
Can somebody help me out?


Need help with a problem:
Where can I get fivem2337 database?


Here: https://github.com/ESX-Org/es_extended


I need help now :frowning: I’ve setted up server 2 times now and I get this thing again:

Error: Unhandled error: Error: BUFFER_SHORTAGE
at n.e [as reserve] (citizen:/scripting/v8/msgpack.js:29:12766)
at h (citizen:/scripting/v8/msgpack.js:29:15761)
at n.r [as decode] (citizen:/scripting/v8/msgpack.js:29:13908)
at n.fetch (citizen:/scripting/v8/msgpack.js:29:6972)
at n.u [as read] (citizen:/scripting/v8/msgpack.js:29:12076)
at Object.n [as decode] (citizen:/scripting/v8/msgpack.js:29:7097)
at unpack (citizen:/scripting/v8/main.js:20:33)
at citizen:/scripting/v8/main.js:51:11
at setImmediate (mysql-async.js:4960:9)
at Object.callback (citizen:/scripting/v8/timer.js:56:6)

This basically happens each time when new player joins


Hey how can i edit my f2 menu and move it to a another keybinding instead of F2 ?


Now i have been stuck for the whole day and need some support.
I installed Essentialmode, es_admin2, my_sqladmin, esplugin_mysql, mysql_async and got it all working together with CouchDB. So far so good!!!
But then my problems with databases started as i wanted to add es_extended, es_addonaccount, es_addoninventory, esx_vehicleshop, es_billing and es_society. All these was requesting async and all of a sudden the server started asking for port 3306 and not the CouchDB default port 5986 i was using and was set up in the essentials config.lue.
I read through a lot of documentations saying CouchDB is not supported by ESX and i should import es_extend sql-files into my database.
So what i need help on his how to proceed is i want to use all resources mentioned above ?
Should i have 2 different databases or is it possible to gather everything to one ?
As ESX dont support couchDB i guess MySQL is the one to go if everthing could go into that?? I am Running on windows!
Would be great if someone just gave me a good example of setup for the requested resources above with either 1 or 2 different prefered databases…


To run ESX related resources, you’re going to want to go with MySQL(running two databases is not feasible).

You can try to alter your ES install to use MySQL but it would probably be easier to just start fresh. Here’s a very quick way of installing ES and ESX onto a fresh FiveM server install.

If you need a MySQL server on your Windows machine, WAMP and XAMPP are two installable bundles that will get you up and running in a jif.


Anyone know where I fix where the blue circles are in the emergency stations and go on duty and the civ jobs too everything else works but nothing we can find that will fix it unless i have to download another mod or something??


Error running system event handling function for resource es_extended: citizen:/scripting/lua/scheduler.lua:41: Failed to execute thread: citizen:/scripting/lua/MessagePack.lua:830: missing bytes
stack traceback:
[C]: in function ‘error’
citizen:/scripting/lua/MessagePack.lua:830: in method ‘underflow’
citizen:/scripting/lua/MessagePack.lua:465: in field ‘any’
citizen:/scripting/lua/MessagePack.lua:860: in field ‘unpack’
citizen:/scripting/lua/scheduler.lua:563: in field ‘?’
server/functions.lua:33: in field ‘TriggerServerCallback’
server/common.lua:63: in upvalue ‘handler’
citizen:/scripting/lua/scheduler.lua:175: in function citizen:/scripting/lua/scheduler.lua:174
stack traceback:
[C]: in function ‘error’
citizen:/scripting/lua/scheduler.lua:41: in field ‘CreateThreadNow’
citizen:/scripting/lua/scheduler.lua:174: in function citizen:/scripting/lua/scheduler.lua:138


what is the path to the admin stuff?


Hi guys im trying to translate es_extended, i translated the entire en.lua, renamed it it.lua, added to the resources.lua and changed config.locale to “it” , i keep getting this error:

Error parsing script locales/it.lua in resource es_extended: locales/it.lua:27: '}' expected (to close '{' at line 1) near 'invalida' 

the translation:

Locales['it'] = {
  -- Inventory
  ['cash'] = 'soldi $%s',
  ['inventory'] = 'inventario',
  ['use'] = 'usa',
  ['give'] = 'dai',
  ['remove'] = 'butta',
  ['return'] = 'ritorna',
  ['give_to'] = 'dai a',
  ['amount'] = 'ammontare',
  ['giveammo'] = 'dai munizioni',
  ['amountammo'] = 'ammontare di munizioni',
  ['noammo'] = 'non hai abbastanza munizioni!',
  ['gave_item'] = 'hai dato ~y~%sx~s~ ~b~%s~s~ a ~y~%s~s~',
  ['received_item'] = 'hai ricevuto ~y~%sx~s~ ~b~%s~s~ da ~b~%s~s~',
  ['gave_weapon'] = 'hai dato ~y~1x~s~ ~b~%s~s~ con ~o~%sx~s~ proiettili a ~y~%s~s~.',
  ['received_weapon'] = 'hai ricevuto ~y~1x~s~ ~b~%s~s~ con ~o~%sx~s~ proiettili da ~b~%s~s~.',
  ['gave_ammo'] = 'hai dato ~o~%sx~s~ proiettili a ~y~%s~s~.',
  ['received_ammo'] = 'hai ricevuto ~o~%sx~s~ proiettili da ~b~%s~s~.',
  ['gave_money'] = 'hai dato ~g~$%s~s~ a ~y~%s~s~',
  ['received_money'] = 'hai ricevuto ~g~$%s~s~ a ~b~%s~s~',
  ['gave_account_money'] = 'hai dato ~g~$%s~s~ (%s) a ~y~%s~s~',
  ['received_account_money'] = 'hai ricevuto ~g~$%s~s~ (%s) da ~b~%s~s~',
  ['amount_invalid'] = 'ammontare invalido',
  ['players_nearby'] = 'nessun giocatore vicino',
  ['ex_inv_lim'] = 'azione non possibile, superato il limite per ~y~%s~s~',
  ['imp_invalid_quantity'] = 'azione impossibile, quantita' invalida',
  ['imp_invalid_amount'] = 'azione impossibile, ammontare invalido',
  ['delete_five_min'] = 'l'oggetto sarà gettato ~r~thrown~s~ in 5 minuti',
  ['threw'] = 'you ~r~threw~s~',
  ['threw_weapon'] = 'you ~r~threw~s~ ~y~1x~s~ ~b~%s~s~ with ~o~%sx~s~ bullets!',
  -- Salary related
  ['received_salary'] = 'hai ricevuto il tuo salario: ~g~$%s~s~',
  ['received_help'] = 'hai ricevuto il sussidio di disoccupazione: ~g~$%s~s~',
  ['company_nomoney'] = 'la societa' per cui lavori non può pagare il tuo stipendio.',
  ['received_paycheck'] = 'hai ricevuto la tua paga',
  ['bank'] = 'banca',
  ['black_money'] = 'soldi sporchi',

  ['act_imp'] = 'azione impossibile',
  ['in_vehicle'] = 'non puoi dare qualcosa a qualcuno in un veicolo',
  ['cannot_pickup_room'] = 'non hai abbastanza spazio nell'inventario per raccogliere ~y~%s~s~!',
  -- Commands
  ['setjob'] = 'dai lavoro al giocatore',
  ['id_param'] = 'l'id del giocatore',
  ['setjob_param2'] = 'il lavoro che desideri assegnare',
  ['setjob_param3'] = 'livello del lavoro',
  ['load_ipl'] = 'carica IPL',
  ['unload_ipl'] = 'scarica IPL',
  ['play_anim'] = 'esegui animazione',
  ['play_emote'] = 'esegui emote',
  ['spawn_car'] = 'spawna un veicolo',
  ['spawn_car_param'] = 'nome del veicolo',
  ['delete_vehicle'] = 'elimina veicolo',
  ['delete_veh_param'] = 'premi enter',
  ['spawn_object'] = 'spawna oggetto',
  ['spawn_ped'] = 'spawna pedone',
  ['spawn_ped_param'] = 'esempio a_m_m_hillbilly_01',
  ['givemoney'] = 'dai soldi',
  ['setmoney'] = 'set money for a player',
  ['money_type'] = 'tipo di moneta validi: contanti, assegno, soldi sporchi',
  ['money_set'] = 'qualcuno ~y~highly ranked~s~ ha messo ~g~$%s~s~ (%s) per te!',
  ['money_amount'] = 'ammontare di soldi',
  ['invalid_account'] = 'account invalido',
  ['account'] = 'account',
  ['giveaccountmoney'] = 'dai soldi a account',
  ['invalid_item'] = 'oggetto invalido',
  ['item'] = 'oggetto',
  ['giveitem'] = 'dai oggetto',
  ['weapon'] = 'arma',
  ['giveweapon'] = 'dai arma',
  ['disconnect'] = 'disconnetti dal server',
  ['chat_clear'] = 'pulisci la chat',
  ['chat_clear_all'] = 'pulisci la chat per tutti',
  -- Locale settings
  ['locale_digit_grouping_symbol'] = ',',
  -- Weapons
  ['weapon_knife'] = 'coltello',
  ['weapon_nightstick'] = 'manganello',
  ['weapon_hammer'] = 'martello',
  ['weapon_bat'] = 'mazza',
  ['weapon_golfclub'] = 'mazza da golf',
  ['weapon_crowbar'] = 'piede di porco',
  ['weapon_pistol'] = 'pistola',
  ['weapon_combatpistol'] = 'pistola da combattimento',
  ['weapon_appistol'] = 'pistola ap',
  ['weapon_pistol50'] = 'pistola .50',
  ['weapon_microsmg'] = 'micro smg',
  ['weapon_smg'] = 'smg',
  ['weapon_assaultsmg'] = 'smg da assalto',
  ['weapon_assaultrifle'] = 'fucile da assalto',
  ['weapon_carbinerifle'] = 'carbina',
  ['weapon_advancedrifle'] = 'fucile avanzato',
  ['weapon_mg'] = 'mg',
  ['weapon_combatmg'] = 'mg da combattimento',
  ['weapon_pumpshotgun'] = 'fucile a pompa',
  ['weapon_sawnoffshotgun'] = 'fucile a pompa sawed off ',
  ['weapon_assaultshotgun'] = 'fucile a pompa da assalto',
  ['weapon_bullpupshotgun'] = 'fucile a pompa bullpup ',
  ['weapon_stungun'] = 'taser',
  ['weapon_sniperrifle'] = 'fucile da cecchino',
  ['weapon_heavysniper'] = 'fucile da cecchino pesante',
  ['weapon_remotesniper'] = 'cecchino remoto',
  ['weapon_grenadelauncher'] = 'lancia granate',
  ['weapon_rpg'] = 'lancia razzi',
  ['weapon_stinger'] = 'stinger',
  ['weapon_minigun'] = 'minigun',
  ['weapon_grenade'] = 'grenata',
  ['weapon_stickybomb'] = 'bomba appiccicosa',
  ['weapon_smokegrenade'] = 'granata fumogena',
  ['weapon_bzgas'] = 'bz gas',
  ['weapon_molotov'] = 'molotov',
  ['weapon_fireextinguisher'] = 'estintore',
  ['weapon_petrolcan'] = 'jerrycan',
  ['weapon_digiscanner'] = 'digiscanner',
  ['weapon_ball'] = 'palla',
  ['weapon_snspistol'] = 'pistola sns',
  ['weapon_bottle'] = 'bottiglia',
  ['weapon_gusenberg'] = 'gusenberg',
  ['weapon_specialcarbine'] = 'carabina speciale',
  ['weapon_heavypistol'] = 'pistola pesante',
  ['weapon_bullpuprifle'] = 'fucile bullpup',
  ['weapon_dagger'] = 'pugnale',
  ['weapon_vintagepistol'] = 'pistola vintage',
  ['weapon_firework'] = 'fuoco d'artificio',
  ['weapon_musket'] = 'moschetto',
  ['weapon_heavyshotgun'] = 'fucile pesante',
  ['weapon_marksmanrifle'] = 'marksman',
  ['weapon_hominglauncher'] = 'homing launcher',
  ['weapon_proxmine'] = 'mina di prossimita',
  ['weapon_snowball'] = 'palla di neve',
  ['weapon_flaregun'] = 'segnalatore',
  ['weapon_garbagebag'] = 'busta della spazzatura',
  ['weapon_handcuffs'] = 'manette',
  ['weapon_combatpdw'] = 'pdw da combattimento',
  ['weapon_marksmanpistol'] = 'pistola marksman',
  ['weapon_knuckle'] = 'knuckledusters',
  ['weapon_hatchet'] = 'accetta',
  ['weapon_railgun'] = 'railgun',
  ['weapon_machete'] = 'machete',
  ['weapon_machinepistol'] = 'machine pistol',
  ['weapon_switchblade'] = 'switchblade',
  ['weapon_revolver'] = 'revolver pesante',
  ['weapon_dbshotgun'] = 'doppio fucile a pompa',
  ['weapon_compactrifle'] = 'fucile compatto',
  ['weapon_autoshotgun'] = 'fucile a pompa automatico',
  ['weapon_battleaxe'] = 'accetta da combattimento',
  ['weapon_compactlauncher'] = 'lanciatore compatto',
  ['weapon_minismg'] = 'mini smg',
  ['weapon_pipebomb'] = 'tubo bomba',
  ['weapon_poolcue'] = 'pool cue',
  ['weapon_wrench'] = 'pipe wrench',
  ['weapon_flashlight'] = 'torca',
  ['gadget_nightvision'] = 'visione notturna',
  ['gadget_parachute'] = 'paracadute',
  ['weapon_flare'] = 'segnalatore di emergenza',
  ['weapon_snspistol_mk2'] = 'SNS Pistola Mk II',
  ['weapon_revolver_mk2'] = 'Heavy Revolver Mk II',
  ['weapon_doubleaction'] = 'Double-Action Revolver',
  ['weapon_specialcarabine_mk2'] = 'Special Carbine Mk II',
  ['weapon_bullpruprifle_mk2'] = 'Bullpup Rifle Mk II',
  ['weapon_pumpshotgun_mk2'] = 'Pump Shotgun Mk II',
  ['weapon_marksmanrifle_mk2'] = 'Marksman Rifle Mk II',
  ['weapon_assaultrifle_mk2'] = 'Assault Rifle Mk II ',
  ['weapon_carbinerifle_mk2'] = 'Carbine Rifle Mk II ',
  ['weapon_combatmg_mk2'] = 'Combat MG Mk II',
  ['weapon_heavysniper_mk2'] = 'fucile pesante Mk II',
  ['weapon_pistol_mk2'] = 'Pistola Mk II',
  ['weapon_smg_mk2'] = 'SMG Mk II',

Es_extended doesn't display cash, bank balance and black money

It tells you where your problem lies. If you look at that line, you can see that your single quote is breaking the line. You need to escape the single quote so the script doesn’t think that definition has ended:

 ['imp_invalid_quantity'] = 'azione impossibile, quantita\' invalida',

That should fix you up.


it worked, thanks, btw now i have another problem i cant figure out what does mean that:

Error parsing script locales/it.lua in resource es_extended: locales/it.lua:1: unexpected symbol near '<\239>'


As I explained, you need to go through the whole lang file and either escape the single quotes you used in the definitions or you need to remove them.