[Release] ESX-ALphone (call system)


I thought you add to it your sql ?


? Am I right I though you had to add it that


I don’t know? Why would I know?


There is a possibility to add the management of the emergency numbers?


What is it you are wanting to know?


How would I install this can we screen share or something and you u help me


i want to know how to install it can you help me on discord screen share or what?


I made it work for my training server… but on main… after I copy the whole stuff… wont work… Anybody something?


everytime i install this my fivem decides to makeup random crashes. it’s like it’s making excuses to force esx_phone3 isn’t crashing it but if i remove esx_phone3 it works perfectly.

edit: here is one of the madeup crashes:

EDIT2: i am trying a couple of things to see if it works.

here is a list of things i’m trying i will update if it works. so that if other people have the same problem they know how to fix it.


  • comment out some of the scripts in server.cfg :x:
  • Delete cache from /yourservername/cache/files/ :x:
  • Delete cache from \FiveM\FiveM.app\cache\ :x:


Pourriez-vous expliquer comment vous avez fait pour mettre les contacts


Working, thanks for the release!


I got it installed with no errors.Everything works excepting send gps location.Could anyone help me with the gps?


does anyone know where i can stop notifications for police i want to set something up but cant seem to find it


how to send a player your gps cords, in a text message?


its phone comes up when i push F1 and normal 1, is it anyway i can take away the normal 1? :slight_smile:


how can i bring to work the police and ambulance job?


Edit in the index.html

					<div class="menu-icon menu-icon-police" data-app="contact-action-message" data-args="{&quot;name&quot;: &quot;Police&quot;, &quot;number&quot;: &quot;police&quot;}"> -- Edit in this line "Police" and "police" to your job name.
						<div class="menu-icon-inner">
							<i class="fa fa-shield fa-fw"></i>
						<div class="menu-icon-label">Police</div> -- This is the name that show in the phone

Be sure you wirte the starts in the server.cfg in the right order

start esx_phone3
start esx_ambulancejob
start esx_policejob


Possible to re-write this to vRP framework? I’d like to receive a PM from anyone who’s capable of doing this. :+1:


Is there a way to add so you can remove contacts?


Ive seen alot of servers using this and it looks really nice. But Im trying to add it to my server and I cant get it to work.
When Im using the phone, like calling, or just picking the phone up. I cant get the phone away, it likes get stuck in my hand.
And also, how do I change names of the apps, remove apps? I have been looking around in all the files but cant find where to change those things.
But my main problem is that the phone is getting stuck in my hand.