[Release] ESX AIOMenu & ESX Identity & ESX LockSystem


Latest Versions: ESX AIOMenu v3.0 - ESX Identity v2.0 - ESX LockSystem v2.2


Feel free to come to my discord for direct help with these scripts: https://discord.gg/vhrHCKB

Please do not distribute my code elsewhere without my permission.


[Release] EssentialMode base
[Release][ESX] Base

You must have Essentialmode using MySQL Async, and ESX in order for this script to function properly.

AIOMenu Specific - In order to use many of the ESX specific buttons it will also require those scripts and for you to manually add exports located in exportSetup.lua - Further detail on which scripts you need can be found in the README for AIOMenu.


2/23/2019 - Updated ESX LockSystem to v3.0FINAL (LockSystem Will Not Receive Any More Updates)

  • When you are outside of the vehicle, and you push the lock button, if you own the vehicle it will unlock/lock without you needing to find the key.
  • Distance based audio when you unlock/lock the vehicle is now enabled.

2/21/2019 - Updated ESX LockSystem to v2.2

  • Fixed GetNearestVehicle bug
  • Attempted fix at not being able to lock/unlock vehicles after logging out / getting kicked

(If the server restarts, the variables are gone and you WILL need to find the keys again)

2/20/2019 - Updated ESX LockSystem to v2.1

  • Attempted fix for people unable to find keys for owned vehicles.

2/20/2019 - Major Update to ESX AIOMenu (Now v3.0)

  • Added full support for viewing your own ID Card (Interactions -> My ID)
  • Added full support for Showing Your ID Card to others (Interactions -> Show ID)
    [This functions off of NearestPlayer - aka Cop standing beside your driver side door]

2/14/2019 - Major Overhaul of all scripts except ESX Identity.


  • Added ESX LockSystem to my list of scripts (thanks to the original author in my README) in order to make the locksystem work smoother.
  • Moved all of the locking/unlocking code to ESX LockSystem to function inside of it’s own script with a simple export from the AIOMenu for interactions with locking/unlocking vehicles. This should fix many of the bugs.
  • Changed the AIOMenu UI to match more like the ESX UI, although it still uses a cursor and not arrow keys for selection.
Known Bugs
  • Possible bug in ESX LockSystem under investigation.

[Release] EssentialMode base
[Request] A car locking script

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Good job m8 my players is gonna love this thanks


Getting the following error:

Error resuming coroutine: server/main.lua:120: attempt to index a nil value (global 'ESX')
stack traceback:
        server/main.lua:120: in upvalue 'handler'
        citizen:/scripting/lua/scheduler.lua:219: in function <citizen:/scripting/lua/scheduler.lua:218>

Any ideas?


The error is in ESX Identity in server/main.lua on line 120:

local xPlayers, xPlayer = ESX.GetPlayers()

Are you using the ESX Framework with essential mode and es_extended? This is an ESX script meant to be used in conjunction with the Framework and scripts that go with it.


This Messes up my esx_billing cant start the server after editing what you said so ill just use normal


Thank you for the report. I’ll check into that. It could be something very simple. But it’s okay to skip an export if its causing problems that button just won’t work


Idk lol it probably something I did idk


Yes, I am using ESX.


Updated ESX AIOMenu to v1.5.2 Changelog at the top of the post.

I am still looking into why you are getting an ESX error, but at this current moment it seems to be isolated to you, so I am not sure if you have something configured incorrectly.

ESX Billing export is now disabled because the export is not interacting properly with the script. I will try to fix it in a later update.


cool thanks for the update


I am also getting this error as well. Fresh new clean install. Not my first time installing esx before.

Error Code
Error resuming coroutine: server/main.lua:120: attempt to index a nil value (global 'ESX')
stack traceback:
        server/main.lua:120: in upvalue 'handler'
        citizen:/scripting/lua/scheduler.lua:219: in function <citizen:/scripting/lua/scheduler.lua:218>


For anyone having ‘ESX’ = nil problems, can you double check that you have the latest versions of the ESX scripts and that your load order for the ESX stuff matches the following:

(It doesn’t show async there, but you can place it above cron)
You can put start esx_aiomenu at the bottom of the load order.


I put everything in that order and still got the error i replaced your esx_identity with the one on the esx github and theirs no error. with your version i was able to still create a character. just idk with that error. i did notice the error shows up on the first boot after clearing the server cache the second reboot with out deleting the cache its not their


I think I found what was causing it, and I just updated my version of ESX Identity. If it’s possible can you try it again?


i should be able to test in a hr i will update my reply then.


Good News… Most defiantly works… first boot no error… creating multiple characters, removing characters and creating new ones works… it all works well… i haven’t activated the aio menu yet i been waiting to make sure the rest is all set up first.


Updated ESX AIOMenu to v1.5.3, Changelog at top of post.

Happy holidays, everyone!


Bugs were found and I am not available to fix them at the moment, so my advice would be to hold off on this update if you can. I will fix it and release v1.5.4 when I get back after Christmas.


Looking for some insight trying to move the menu and to the right of my screen but now I get a scroll bar along the bottom pretty sure it’s something simple just can’t figure it out please advise any help would be appreciated