[Release] [EssentialMode] es_ui | EssentialModes UI component


EssentialMode UI is the same as it was when it was intergrated into EssentialMode itself. However it was seperated due what EssentialMode is supposed to be, it isn’t supposed to give any functionality in itself so I decided to seperate the UI component from it.

Requires: https://forum.fivem.net/t/release-essentialmode-base
Download: https://github.com/kanersps/es_ui/releases/latest
Contact: https://kanersps.pw/


  • Drag & drop it into your resources folder
  • Start the resource
  • Done!

Start order

Doesn’t matter, start whenever you want


thanks for release it i was waiting <3

It was available on github already, just didn’t make a forum post about it yet

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What is this?

EssentialModes UI component, which was initially inside of EssentialMode is now seperated into its own resource

need photo…

need screenshoooooott…

Sweet this works. 2 problems though.

  1. It doesnt display money till I add money or remove money thorugh es admin2
  2. I do not see the bank on the screen and I read the html and stuff and it doesnt display it. I tried making it display it by making it in the html and lua but it didnt work.

If anyone knows these fixes or how they would fix it please reply, I would appreicate it a lot.

Hi not sure if you’re still providing support for this resource but I’m trying to set the UI so that it only shows the balance when money is added or removed and then the balance fades out just like the money, if that makes sense. Any idea how to set this please?

can you help me i get the error

How to hide menu es admin2 from user???

Hi did you get an answer i try to figure out how to do it ! Thx

It automatically does this if you haven’t reloaded it.