[Release] EssentialMode base


Okay maybe ill try 6 when i get off of work.
Maybe also i was thinking i have them starting in the wrong order. Doesnt make since for it to work then not.


An updated was pushed to github to fix external data handler issues, this should fix esplugin_mysql aswell.


Where is the UI ?
There is no way to block the money icon on top right now ?


From 6.0.0 and onward the UI is a seperate resource called es_ui which can be found here: https://github.com/kanersps/es_ui

This will be more detailed once the actual release for 6.0.0 comes around


What kind of error is this? esx_shop also added everything to the db


Bonjour , je suis a la recherche d’un dev


Use #server-development:server-bazaar, also, keep the forums English.


I get an essentialmode error when i type in ingame setjob …


I still have this problem even after upgrading to version 6.0.0, can you help me?
screen bonus :


You didn’t update.


EssentialMode update 6.0.0

  • Periodic update checking
  • Removed UI component from base EssentialMode
  • SQLite as default database now
  • Now licensed under AGPLv3
  • Allow disabling of EssentialModes command handler
  • Much better ACL support

Important note (READ)

Follow the installation instructions at https://docs.essentialmode.com/#installation so you don’t miss anything. As for updating follow all of that aswell.


SQLite is a single file database which doesn’t require any additional setup, if you would like to use this all you have to do is drag and drop EssentialMode into your resources folder and start it. You don’t have to start any external database service at all.


I still have the same problem nothing changes after the indications just give


Just overwrite everything?


yes I did it


Hi! I want to edit something. The admins on the server can do /setmoney via command and via menu too. I want to edit it that only the superadmin will be able to do this.


This is by default already happening? Unless you gave them the ACE “commands.setmoney” only groups higher than the default “admin” group can do this.


the money icon has disappeared :frowning:


it’s already solved, you have to install the es_ui


update working great but 6 introduces a couple permissions errors on startup:

[EssentialMode] Current version: 6.0.0
[EssentialMode] Updater version: 6.0.0

Access denied for command sets.
Access denied for command sets.
[EssentialMode] Everything is nice and updated!

Errors disappear when rolling back to 5.


i get an big error by runnig essential mode 6.0.0 pls help for fix