[Release] EssentialMode base




What can I open essentialmode.db with to view the data and give myself admin perms?

Also if you’re able to offer help with esplugin_mysql that’d be great as I do not understand what this means

Like where do I import it


Why do you need MySQL

And SQLite files can be opened a multitude of ways, however don’t edit and save them while the server is running because that won’t work, use console commands to set your permissions while the server is running.

Examples of what can open SQlite files:
sudo apt-get install sqlite3

& many others



I need it for this plugin: https://github.com/ESX-Org/es_extended


Please contact ESX on how to implement MySQL then.


can you help me with something quick?


Same question I have here


All updates just mean:

Download again from the link in the main topic (Download link is always updated)

And overwrite all your files with the ones from the release topic


Can u Help me i get Always an Error by Loading the resource


rename the essentialmode-5.2.1-b folder to essentialmode and change the start line in your server.cfg as well.


thanks i have another question what is the mean http://prntscr.com/m50sy3


It means your server is having problems performing all the necessary processes in a timely manner. You need a more powerful machine or you need to edit your resources to be more efficient.


@Kanersps when I installed 5.2.1-b i lost the cash from the hud as you can see below. The other info is still there.

When I revert back to 5.1.0 it comes back. I have tried setting the nativemoney to 1 in the util file but have had no luck.


Thx but my Menu dosnt load up but all recouses loadet http://prntscr.com/m50yhq


You have to set nativemoney to 0, if you’re running 6.0.0 you need an additional resource aswell (es_ui)


Do you have an answer for my why my menu dosnt load up but i installed every recource http://prntscr.com/m50yhq


Try setting native money to 0, otherwise try updating to 6.0.0 and using es_ui


did you ever get it working? Mine seems to not be working aswell. It was working yesterday


Testet out esx 6.0.0 wont work with mysql currently had no luck with that.

The latest release, i dont get the money hud ad all and es_nativeMoneySystem is [‘nativeMoneySystem’] = GetConvar(‘es_nativeMoneySystem’, ‘0’)


yeah same here might look into the coding in a bit and see what I can do.