[Release] EssentialMode base


help ^3Couldn’t find resource mysql-async.^7
Started resource essentialmode
Failed to load script @mysql-async/lib/MySQL.lua.
Started resource esplugin_mysql
Could not find dependency essentialmode-master for resource es_admin.
^3Couldn’t start resource es_admin.^7
Could not find dependency mysql-async for resource es_extended.
^3Couldn’t start resource es_extended.^7


Hey, I have a problem. I have all the scripts for mysql, essentialmode and es_Admin2 installed, and when I try to use the command token / car on the console, something like this pops up. How to fix it?


did you fix your issue?


So I’m having an issue with my server where sometimes people’s characters aren’t loading in.

No idea what is causing it but I believe it is to do with esx_identity.

People will spawn in looking like Franklin (the NPC model I’ve selected as the base model) and their character doesn’t load UNTIL they are attacked by another player (pushed, punched, killed, etc.)

Super frustrating issue because new players will join the server and assume there is no customisation, then leave.

Could someone assist me with this, I’d really really appreciate it.


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I have this error several times but the server works in perfect conditions can tell me what is this? how to solve many of the times it appears is the es_extended said to come to this topic to solve despite the appearance there esx_drugs there is the print, they told me that it could be the order that I installed the resoucers in the database will be that?


try this.
add this to the somewhere around the top of your server cfg.

add_ace resource.essentialmode command.add_principal allow


do you need couchdb for essentialmode?


no heidisql


Heidi is a Windows application. The correct answer to this question would be “no, you can also use MySQL.”


sorry yes thats what i meant


As the author of esx_identity (ArkSeyonet) via https://github.com/ArkSeyonet/ , I don’t think this is the right place to receive support for esx_identity. Essentialmode doesn’t really have anything to do with ESX other than it is the base script.

But in the latest update of ESX Identity (Not the ESX Github version, they do not have the latest version they branched it off into their own version that is out of date) it does not interact with the character loading at all. (Before all it did was show the skin menu, it didn’t actually affect the loading of models.)

You will have to send me a pm (I don’t view fivem forums often) or go to my github and follow the readme for how to get in contact with me, and I will help you ensure that it’s not esx_identity.


Yeah you’re right but I posted my own thread about it and I got flamed for ‘not asking in the appropriate thread.’

Alright I’ll hit you with a DM although the issue does seem to have been somewhat fixed by updating esx_identity though I believe you that it might not have been that.


when i open the menu ingame, there is “quick options” at the bottom, but they are off the screen you can see the words “quick options” but you cannot see the options due to it being off the screen, anyway to fix this please?


I have a problem with es_admin, when i open the admin menu with “HOME” it open but don’t work and if i try to close it the cursor don’t disappears. Any help please?


I have a problem with es_admin, when i open the admin menu with “HOME” it open but don’t work and if i try to close it the cursor don’t disappears. Any help please?


All good man, I was just letting you know that I could help you. :slight_smile: I don’t look at FiveM forums much so I’m surprised that I seen the post at all. I did make a post for both of my esx scripts if you want to go there for any more questions you might have. [Release] ESX AIOMenu & ESX Identity


The cursor shows up, but when you try to click to make the changes work for players in game to kick/slap/freeze/etc… nothing happens. Then when you close the menu and press any key on the keyboard, nothing happens and it makes it so you are locked out of the keyboard afterwards and the cursor doesnt go away off screen


Hi, you resolved it? I have the same issue with es_admin. I have the last version, i tried to reinstall it but nothing. Help me please.


don’t suppose anyone has any idea why, people in my server are not able to kill each other? when you aim on someone the crosshair goes different colour and you are not able to shoot them, or blow them up? any ideas please?