[Release][ES] Emotes


Hi guys. Since im building a RP server, I needed a emotes script that cancels on movement. Since i could not find one,I wrote one in a few minutes. I thought it would be nice to share it and give something back to this community.


/emotes - lists emotes
/emote sit - would sit…

Feel free to modify, you can add or remove emotes you want/dont want from client.lua, should be pretty straight forward :grin:

Just drop it in your resources folder and add - rpemotes under AutoStartResources in your citmp-server.yml

Cheers :slight_smile:

Download as rar archive

[Release] RP Emotes
Emotes /emote

Why the hell does this require ‘essentialmode’?

It only uses commands, which can be done easily using built-in events as well



Because I use essential base and have the hook for it, if you don’t want it, remove it :slight_smile:


I can confirm the same errors in the console.


not working for me either i have essential mode also


What is the error? Or the nil value?



local Keys = { ["W"] = 32, ["A"] = 34, ["S"] = 8, ["D"] = 9 }

This is not the way you should handle keys, take a look at https://wiki.fivem.net/wiki/Controls



@xander1998 I posted the error in a previous post. Client Lua 2:1 can’t call nil value.


When i get home ill download and see if i can fix the nil value.


Appreciate it. I tried a few things and got the same error. There’s a nice amount of emotes here, more so than other releases.


It is. Its just an alias, nothing wrong with it nor does it affect any performance. Its there to make it easy for someone to read and understand it.

But, if you cant spare a few bytes of memory, then feel free to modify it :slight_smile:


I will have a look later tonight if i get that error, and if i do, il fix it.



Any word on this “can’t call a nil value” error?


Same error, same problem.

Anybody fixed it?


The Same error, did anyone find a fix?


Any fix, really want this.


yeah does not work at all, wished it would :frowning:


get the pointing script and if your in a animation and need to quit the aniation fast point till the animation stops it might work for you emote script but its a idea


Does someone have a version of this that doesn’t require essential mode?