[Release] Engine ON/OFF Toggle



There you go

EngineToggleOnAtEnter [With Key].rar (1.3 KB)

Please tell me if something is not working correctly.


Thanks for the quick response i will test it now!

Update: It works perfect! One more question. I don’t really care for the engine on/off in the chat notification. Can I remove some lines in the client to disable this and which ones? Thanks


Yeah, just outcomment or remove Line 49 - 53.

			if vehicles[Index][2] then
				TriggerEvent("chatMessage", "", {0, 255, 0}, "Engine turned ON!")
				TriggerEvent("chatMessage", "", {255, 0, 0}, "Engine turned OFF!")


hey, nice mod! Can u make the similar mod, like a lock-unlock the car? Plus alarm on car, on-off (when its on, if someone try open the car, its start hazard indicator with sound signal :grin:


this is a bug i used this for my server and the script broke and wouldnt let you start a car when spawned and your ped would go crazy and once you get out and back it it fixes it but i took it out cause it was annoying


I’ve got a vehicle damage script, it definetly conflicts w/ that script. Is there any way to fix it?


Where i need to edit to be able to put my key?


Are you referring to server keys?!


As h0kkaido stated above , the script conflicts with a damage script you would have on your server , do you have a quick fix for this ?


No quick fix available, I will take a deeper look at it after Christmas.

Merry Christmas to all


No mate. Flatracer made a version where you can turn on/off the car by pressing U key. So, i want to change it to W. The car will turn on when i will want to go forward(i don’t know how to bind another key to stop the car. I don’t want to turn on/off the engine by this key. Like U to be on/off and W to turn on only).


Updated to v2.2.0

  • Fixed conflicts with WolfKnight’s RP Vehicle Damage System [1.0.1]

Download and more informations in the First Post!


Is it any way you can do the Engientoggle version start on button press the U key the one engien turn on by enter is not working good whit lockt cars, starts the car if you getting close or try to open it


Scroll a bit up, there is already a version with a button.


wasent that for the one whit Engien turn on on enter?


It is, I thought that is what you want?


could you add a key press on the version that doesn’t auto come on when entering the car? You can use the E key. I can always switch if I don’t like it. or tell me how to add and what to add to make it be able to use a key press or command.


Never mind I don’t need it now. I did what you did with the other one you sent someone I just changed it so at the top of client.lua it says local button and the number so it may be changed easier here is the file default I have it set for F5 to toggle the engine.EngineToggle.zip (2.1 KB)



Really been looking for this!! Seems really cool!!


conflicts with Realistic Vehicle Failure script

The car stays running, although still highly engine damaged. Just doesn’t allow the car to fully shut down.