[Release] Engine ON/OFF Toggle



Fixed the Script, the Engine stays off now.

@JaxsenL @Sr_lazaro


If I turn my engine off there is a big chance it starts back up again on its own, using the latest version.


mine still turns back on immediatly


@ImDylan93 @SolarFantom @JaxsenL

It works for me w/o any problems. Maybe it conflicts with any other resource.


This would be a great feature if possible @Flatracer. :slightly_smiling_face:


@JaxsenL @ImDylan93 @SolarFantom

I updates the script and changed it. Please try again.

@Deziel0495 @SuicideMonky

Added it! The engine stays on, when you leave the vehicle without turning it off.


Try restarting and deleting the cache


Try this:

EngineToggle.rar (1.1 KB)


It does not work well at all, I give you an example of the error, I turn off the engine I get out of the car I start to enter the engine it starts as soon as the player opens the vehicle door. When this should remain off. When you leave the vehicle on and salts from the east it stays on, GOOOOOD but when you turn it off you go back and enter it starts automatically BAAAAAD could you fix it? Would be a great contribution for my zombie movie THANK YOU FRIENDS


The new version seems to drop my FPS by about half, reverted back to the previous from a while back and it’s fine now.

Also, It does not play well with fuel mods. FrFuel and Advanced Fuel System are two.


If that can annoy the players put / engine, but I for example I want it for my server where I make clips of a series of zombies where I do not use the roleplay for anything, I would just like it to work as before the update. If it is true that the people who are creating it have to think and curry but I do not have a little hurry a little all of their time I hope they fix it and leave the function off and on when the car sales as this is just a retouch Mas y Wuala hey haha, by the way, is someone going for the locksystem mod? Why it does not work or open or close doors or anything


If ami also happened to me just after writing / engine but after a while returns to 60fps


Yeah I already realized this. I wasn’t able to fix it. I will try to fix it soon.

About the problem with FRFuel, I already have an Idea how to fix this, I will do this too.

@Sr_lazaro @ImDylan93
The FPS Problem is weird, I will look into this…


I am also having a hit in FPS with the newest version. With the resourse running I get 15-20 FPS and with it disabled I get my usual 55-60 FPS. Great script otherwise. Keep up the good work.


@Sr_lazaro @ImDylan93 @Deziel0495

Could you please redownload it and test it again? I changed a bit and think it fixes the FPS problem.


Thank you, I hope your great work is soon doing a great project.



Can you pass the download link? Or have you changed it at the top?


I already tried it, it goes quite well but there are still times that the fps down to 51 or 55.
If I remove the mod does not fall from 59 60 that could be?


I changed the link above, so just download it from the top file.

About the small fps drops, I am not sure if it is possible to fix this. Should I find any way, I will fix it


New version works well. FPS issue seems a lot better. Maybe a 5-8 FPS hit at times. However, mostly running smoothly.