[Release] ELS FiveM | Server Sync | Lights | Sirens | Custom Patterns


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cant seem to get the traffic advisors to work. whenever i add a car to “modelsWithTrafficAdvisor = {” line, els freaks out


Any idea why a vehicles rear wig wags(indicators) will constantly be on unless the Warning lights are turned on?
All of these are set to 0 so Im not sure what else would have an effect on the rear indicators.

		<Headlights DfltPattern="0" ColorL="white" ColorR="white" />
		<TailLights DfltPattern="0" ColorL="blue" ColorR="blue" />
		<IndicatorsF DfltPattern="0" ColorL="white" ColorR="red" />
		<IndicatorsB DfltPattern="0" ColorL="red" ColorR="red" />
		<ReverseLights DfltPattern="0" ColorL="white" ColorR="white" />


that is not a thing anymore, use the vcf and make sure secl is traf type.


its not using the vcf for that.


Hi there guys!

I am new to ELS and converting cars so I’m not sure whether I messed up in converting the car or whether I’ve messed up the ELS install. I have read all 685 posts in this topic. I’ve made sure the resource is named ELS-FiveM(I tried all lowercase as well). I’m receiving no errors either in client or server terminal.

The car I converted is the SCPD DB 11. The car spawns and operates correctly. I placed the xml file from the ELS folder into the vcf folder of ELS-FiveM and appended the file name to vcf.lua.

When I get in the car, the ELS panel shows in the bottom right and cycling through the lights does cause the sirens to operate. The lights however, do not illuminate. In fact when I spawn the car, they look like non-lit red and blue but when I cycle through the stages, they actually seem to turn black. They never return to the unlit red and blue.

Here’s my converted car which has the ELS xml file in the dir root. If you just want to see the xml file, you can find it here.

Could someone help me figure out what I’ve done wrong?

Thanks for your time!


Well it doesn’t appear that you have visual mods either. If you could please hop in my discord I can give you better support


I did pop a message into the support text channel and am currently watching it… Thanks very much for the help!