[Release] ELS FiveM | Server Sync | Lights | Sirens | Custom Patterns


well then I am not sure. Mine works and I got the els to work for me.


How you get to stream it in-game, I already found one that I like, there is any chance you’d explain?


yes what is the name of file that you have downloaded so i can better explain it you u


if you are using open iv for this then u will need archive fix. I am providing you with a link to youtube that should help you with the visuals mod and the archive fix.


how to do like this

when there is light outside, the sirens can also be seen, make them brighter.


I just depends on what visual mod u have. I use visual V plus Radiance V. Also go into you settings in game to go under Graphics and make sure everything can changed to very high or ultra if ur pc can’ t handle that then I suggest finding another one that doesn’t require that. Also it should have a read me file inside the download.


I cant seem to get my addon cars’ VCF to work, when it says: “Done with vehicle”, it doesn’t include the one i put in, only the replacement cars.


Why is it pink light and not red and can you change that??


Did you add it to the config/vcf file?


I dont understand… they are red…


I think im missing something, your config file is diffrent from ours

I managed to get the menu ingame on my car by adding it in the vcf.lua and inside the vcf folder with the xml file, I just copied police2 and called it police7 as my car, But my car wont make light/Sirens ingame :s

Any suggestions?


have you added the audioNameHash on your vehicles.meta?


I got the lights on now, But theres no siren, Any suggestion on that :s?

i have <audioNameHash /> in my vehicles.meta file


that’s why isn’t working since you added a car as addon.
replace with this <audioNameHash>POLICE3</audioNameHash>

@MrDaGree hi, is it normal to lose fps when you have 3 or 4 cars with the sirens on while you are close to them?


I think i fixed it :smiley: Thanks!!


I don’t get any fps loss, this makes questions like this hard.


Strange, might be from esx? Because my server is using esx.


FPS loss might be occured from resources that taking too much RAM, and some of downloaded car models. check them out.


i see, thanks



You welcome :slight_smile: