[Release] ELS FiveM | Server Sync | Lights | Sirens | Custom Patterns


Ah alright, thanks for the input.


Is it any way to make the LED lighter?


Do you have visual mods installed?


Hey bud its been working amazing for me! The only real error I have encounted is you MUST dv your vehicle before spawning another one or you will crash. But thats not much of an error I guess :slight_smile: Thanks for all your hard work


Ill see about fixing that :wink: Thank you.


when i am turning on the lights then the car Engine turns off and i have not installed anything today or yesterday


Does this work with addon cars like hway1, hway2, etc.?


Nope. People just made a resource with add-on cars for my els for no reason.

Side note. Yes. It does.


Alright thanks. :+1:


so i have 1.7 installed but it doesnt allow starpursuit to work any reason why?


idk what that is…


StarPursuit this is it for some reason it doesnt work with ELS when the panel is visible


I’ll look into it for you.


I dont know what im doing wrong but i put the file in with my resources and put start - els-fivem in my config file but nothing works at all


in you config file does it match the name in the resources exact like if its in all caps then it has to be the same in the config


Car lights are no bright with ELS, does anyone knows how to fix that?


yes you have to install a visual mod for that


How you do so??? 20chars


you can either go on lspdfr and find a visual setting to your liking and put it in or use the one on fivem forums ( i thinks this is where i got mine)


It is the exact same i copy and pasted it