[Release] ELS FiveM | Server Sync | Lights | Sirens | Custom Patterns


Any chance of wig wags coming soon?


I did what you said and downloaded the latest development build from your github, which seems to be 1.1.4, but it still give the resource time warning error, and also some of the controls don’t work like the primary, secondary, and traffic adviser stage changer keys, but I also noticed, I don’t think the controls in the config match the controls you listed out in the read me of the development build download.


The read me has not been updated. Nor as the optimized dev build been pushed to github


Hey, DaGree. I’m not sure if it’s a bug or something that will be fixed in the future. But, is it normal currently to have only state 2 and 3 and not 1? Thank you.


Hey, one question. Is it normal for it to just skip loading “Fbi.xml” and “fbi2.xml” when loading the added VCF files or is it just a problem for me? And if so, how do I fix it?



No. It shouldn’t “skip” it unless you never added it to the config


You need to run those files through an XML validator, then add them to the config.lua.


No. Not if it’s not loading at all like it’s not in the config.


I also got a question regarding that light setting 2 sometimes overlaps light setting 3 when activated, is that normal?


BTW I had also noticed in your dev version 1.1.4 none of the keyboard controls for lights or anything works.


The key controls changed to use ELS by Lt-Caine. The key modifier is right control (stupid, right?).


You are more than able to change it to alt.


@MrDaGree Great update man looking great, and works much better than before, however a few small problems are there is still a resource time warning, particularly when multiple ELS vehicles have their lights on in a close area, and sometimes it will break and the lights will stay stuck, and to fix I have to restart the script in icecon. Also how do you add models with fire siren in the new update?


Working on the timings, as far as the fire siren stuff I’m in the works of redoing the siren stuff so its not working right now unfortunately.


So is ELS non-functional currently? Upgraded to latest version and nothing is working at all. No panel or anything.


Well. It helps to know of any errors the script is giving you.


There’s no errors or anything. Says everything is up-to-date, but no panel or anything comes up. Cars have regular radios in them like other regular vehicles.


I am not able to add any xml file without it saying that the xml is broken, had the same vehicles before the new update!


Then obviously it’s broken? You can fix it by directions higher in the thread.


Can you explain in detail how i do that, maybe that can help me out. thanks for the fast answer!