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did not help me at all


What did not help you at all? Did you even bother reading?

Next time put more information rather than just giving a low quality post like that. @menmonkey49


Anyone had the issue with some vehicles (seems to be the one which are addons) not causing AI traffic to move over while running code 2 or 3?


Should only happen in 3.


when i downloaded els and got some els vehicles i turned my lights on but half lightbar stays on constant and wont flash and i do see the box in bottom right corner of my screen for els so i know its installed somewhat i guess can anyone help me out.


I am having this issue where everything is installed right, validator came back with no problems but when i press Q the light will not turn on, the stuff is in the Config and are in the VFC folder. I am using the development version not the master. Could that be it @MrDaGree


You gave me nothing to help you with…


I can’t do much without screenshots of the console. To prevent spamming of the topic mind pming me screenshots of your server console after starting it.


fuckin wiki is down or something does anyone know the alt key number?


Wiki is not down, Its been remove you need to use



Ya I saw that but I can’t find the “left alt” key number


Then it might not be a key. Keybinds can be rebound too.


What are the next updates to come?


Can anyone help me i use this [Release] WraithRS | Advanced Radar System [1.0.2] for a radar but i can not close the menu or turn the radar on ever since i put this els on my server! Please help


That has nothing to do with els… :joy:


can someone help, when i press Q my blue lights come on but the reds do to and when i press q again its just the red then q again turns it off, i need to know how do i change the config so that only the blues come one with the first press of q then the blue and reds with with the second press then just reds with the third press then off with the fourth, Thanks in advance :smile:


I have a problem where when 2 people have els on and go by each other the lights stay solid on one side of lightbar and pushbar and everything stops flashing until other person shuts off there ELS i really dont get it but if anyone can help me i would really appreciate it


Ever figure out why its doing that


After some time, the lights start getting stuck in stage two when they are turned off. Cycling through the lights seems to still work but if you try to turn them off some of them will stay on and be static. Noticed this


I have put in multiple addon vehicle xml files into the vcf folder and config however it isnt loading it into the game